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New York
Dec 27, 2013
Jan 26, 2014
Ms. Human Resources
The Institute of Culinary Education includes America’s largest menu of hands-on cooking, baking and wine education classes. The recreational cooking class schedule is published three times a year in a newsprint catalog we call “The Main Course”. We are seeking a new freelance editor for this publication. The Main Course editor writes, edits and coordinates the production of this 40-page catalog, which has a circulation of over 75,000, and is published three times a year.
The editor is responsible for writing and/or editing short descriptions for the more than 400 classes that go into each catalog, as well as coding them and entering descriptions in a company database. The editor then uses the database to produce Word documents organized by course category, which are sent to the catalog designer for layout. The editor also leads the proofing process of the catalog, which includes print and online corrections.

The editor also writes a limited quantity of content for each of the three issues. This includes one main interview with a food personality, published as a Q&A, two alumni profiles (about 400 words each), one instructor profile (about 400 words), and four student profiles (about 120 words each), and a feature article (about 1500 words).

An example of The Main Course newsletter can be viewed online at:

The catalog goes to print in mid-March, mid- to late November, and mid- to late July.
•About twelve weeks before each catalog, one to two planning meetings take place at ICE.
•The editor starts working on interviews and has frequent communication with the recreational team.
•As more classes are added to the scheduling folder, the editor’s workload increases and includes writing descriptions (with research where appropriate), entering the classes in the database, keeping track of missing information, and categorizing classes.
•Sections of the newsletter are sent to the designer two and a half weeks before print date, once the recreational team is done with scheduling.
•The remaining time is then spent proofing, finalizing profiles, and adding last-minute content as needed.
•Work is done off-site primarily with the exception of 5 – 6 meetings on site with instructor and student reviews.

• 3+ years of food editing and writing experience for magazines, newspapers or books
• Broad and sophisticated knowledge of diverse topics, themes and styles in the culinary
and pastry universe
• Highly organized and proficient at multi-tasking
• Culinary degree a plus

• $5,000 per issue, based on $20-$25/hr for approximately 175-200 hours. ($15,000 a year)

Email resume, cover letter to

Please provide 3 writing samples.