Editorial and Publishing Assistant

Dec 30, 2013
Jan 29, 2014
Mr. Fredric Price
Full Time
Major duties will include the following (which are subject to change as the business evolves):

a. Assisting the Editor in the procurement and selection of manuscripts (both “FTB Original Books” and “FTB Re-Released Classic Books”) for serious consideration to be published by FTB, including (but not limited to) such duties as:
1. Searching for new manuscripts and making recommendations as to which to warrant further investigation;
2. Initiating first review of manuscripts;
3. Preparing manuscripts for transmittal to production;
4. Corresponding with authors to confirm manuscript delivery dates, clarifying specifications and responding to queries;
5. Preparing and maintaining standard reports, forms, schedules, database records, contracts and files.

b. Assisting the Editor in the creation of “pitches” for reviewers, content providers, sales forces, organizations that offer prizes, etc., for published manuscripts.
1. Coordinating and distributing editorial reviews and book endorsements;

c. Selecting and proposing responses to Letters to the Editor, as deemed appropriate;

d. Selecting and proposing edits to Blog Reviews, as deemed appropriate.

e. Assisting the Editor in such normal and customary activities as deemed appropriate by Editor;

f. Assisting the Publisher (or other key personnel) in such normal and customary activities as:
1. Working on the execution of social media programs;
2. Drafting descriptive and promotional copy for cover, promotion, and other marketing efforts;
3. Collaborating with marketing, web and production personnel as well as with partners and contractors.
4. Working with the webmaster on managing the website from a non-technical point of view on a daily basis;
5. Working with the head of distribution & printing on activities necessary to insure the smooth transmission from manuscript to finished book product) as deemed appropriate by Publisher;
6. Tracking projects throughout the reviewing, development, production, and publication stages.

The successful candidate will have:

•A BA or equivalent educational experience --- additional coursework or certificate in publishing programs is a decided plus;
•One - three years of book publishing experience;
•Excellent organizational and communication skills (both written and oral);
•Proficiency with technology and social media;
•The ability to see both the “big picture” and the details;
•The capability to juggle many activities at once without dropping a ball;
•A sincere interest in literary fiction.

The position requires someone to live in the metro New York City area.

Please include salary expectations, a resume and a cover letter giving us some insight into your work experience.

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