Media Relations Director

Jan 10, 2014
Feb 09, 2014
Mr. Ray Lehmann
Full Time
R Street's media relations director will be chiefly in charge of growing our impressions, particularly in right-of-center outlets. He or she will author press releases, manage and expand our contacts database, serve as a spokesperson, and have primary responsibility for getting R Street staff and fellows noticed by print, broadcast and electronic media.

We will be frank: this job is really, really demanding. A good candidate will come to the job with proven experience and existing contacts with right-leaning talk radio hosts like Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham; cable stations like Fox News and CNBC; bloggers like Glenn Reynolds and Matt Drudge, and print publications like the Wall Street Journal. We already get a lot of good notice in print and Internet sources, so having broadcast experience of some sort (either working for a broadcaster or booking people with them) is absolutely required.

Our operating philosophy is summarized in the slogan we emblazoned on the side of mugs we passed out at the recent State Policy Network convention: "Get Sh—t done." If you're not already much more productive than everyone else in your current and past workplaces, you probably won't fit in.

We seek to recruit the very best around. To secure the best people, we try to compensate them fairly. While we may not always compete with the richest private sector firms, we seek to pay top-of-market compared to other right-of-center organizations. If you currently do this type of work for another organization with a similar mission, you can expect that you'll get a raise by coming to work for us.

Our benefits are great. Among other things, we currently pay 100 percent of employee health insurance premiums (even for families); get iPhones for everyone; reimburse gym membership; pay for bike sharing; and provide a fully stocked kitchen with whatever snacks you want. We give nice bonuses both at the end of the year and whenever you do something that goes above and beyond.

Vacation time is unlimited too. (Although if you don't really like to work in general, you probably won't fit in.) You can even tell the boss when he's full of it or just wrong and he's not going to fire you for it. We also have a strict policy against having internal meetings so, although you should expect to be peppered with questions by the boss and your colleagues.

We expect that strong candidates will have at least three to four years experience in the liberty movement broadly: this can include experience on the Hill, campaigns, with other free market organizations or media organizations, or anything similar. There's no issue litmus test but candidates should familiarize themselves with R Street's issue positions.

We don't care where you went to school and certainly don't care what your GPA was or how you did on the SATs. We care, above all, about your demonstrated ability to get media attention. We don't discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, taste in music, or anything else that's illegal, immoral or stupid to use as a basis for hiring.

We will accept applications through Jan. 31 for this job. If you’re applying after then, we will still try to look at your resume.

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