Managing Editor

Jan 15, 2014
Feb 14, 2014
The Chronicle
Full Time
The Chronicle of Philanthropy, an independent news source that covers the nonprofit world, seeks a seasoned journalist with an outstanding leadership track record to play a leading role in overseeing our print and digital content as managing editor.

You will shape and expand our coverage of organizations that hold $2.7-trillion in assets and employ 1 in 10 people in America.

You will be joining The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inc. a news organization that is known for its commitment to high editorial quality and giving journalists the resources they need to go in-depth on stories and use their creative energies to produce outstanding stories, data projects, and other informational resources.

At The Chronicle of Philanthropy, we serve an audience that is highly sophisticated and diverse, from the leaders of the world's biggest foundations to the heads of local food pantries. Our readers work on a wide range of causes, from international affairs to health to the arts to religion and advocacy and are local, national, and international in their operations. Our coverage helps nonprofit executives identify how financial and economic trends, technology, social issues, government, business and other factors influence their worlds, and is designed to make sure everyone who cares about the nonprofit world can better understand it.

You will work closely with our entire editorial team in print and online to strengthen our enterprise and trend reporting, and set the agenda, in collaboration with the editor, for the journalism produced by The Chronicle.

Your chief responsibility is to help us expand and strengthen in-depth pieces that challenge conventional wisdom, synthesize cutting-edge ideas and trends, and integrate strong data analysis with great storytelling.

We will count on your strong writing standards, rigorous editing skills, and ability to inspire reporters to make stories reader-friendly in online, print, and magazine quality format as you help The Chronicle expand its reach to a greater audience.

You will also work closely with a newly created data team that serves both The Chronicle of Philanthropy and The Chronicle of Higher Education to unlock the value of data for our readers.

Aside from your editing skills, you must demonstrate a strong entrepreneurial outlook and record. You will have many opportunities to work with colleagues across our company to help create a new suite of online content to better serve and expand our audience and play a key role in strengthening our editorial and business approach.

* Fifteen years of experience as a business reporter or editor, or work at a news organization that serves a professional audience. Previous work covering nonprofits (or groups of them, like hospitals or cultural organizations) is a plus.

* Demonstrated record of inspiring journalists to achieve their ambitions and improve their skills, and to build a culture of excellence driven by a strong editorial mission. You must have impeccable interpersonal, leadership, and staff management skills.

* Agility in overseeing enterprise and service journalism, and a healthy respect for the different formats needed to help our audience of nonprofit professionals get the insights they need to better do their jobs.

* A digital forward, open outlook and a track record of working in new ways to serve readers wherever and however they want to gain information.

If you are interested, please contact