Front of Book Editor, Men’s Journal

New York
Jan 23, 2014
Feb 22, 2014
Ms. Alli Elfenbein
Full Time
Men's Journal Magazine seeks a front of book editor for the Notebook section with experience producing a dynamic, topical, news-driven magazine section — assigning, editing and closing stories, organizing and planning a section, working with art and photo departments to coordinate pages, and bringing in new writers.

The position is junior editor of the Notebook section and includes writing headlines, editing copy, and contributing articles to the section, as well as assisting editing feature packages and working closely with the chief Notebook Editor and Deputy Editor to generate ideas and smart ways to approach stories. The ideal candidate is a strong editor who can shape stories, write great headlines and display text, has a lot of strong ideas, works well with writers, and someone who is a flexible and energetic collaborator who aspires to help oversee a complex 20-30 page monthly section that includes news stories, sports, travel, food, adventure, environmental reporting and service stories of all variety.


If you are interested, please apply at:

If you are interested, please apply at:

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