Digital Associate Media Director

Jan 27, 2014
Feb 26, 2014
Starcom MediaVest Group
Full Time
The Human Experience Digital Associate Media Director is expected to fully lead the digital planning process and actively participate in 360° planning. As the ultimate owner of the client relationship from a digital perspective, the AMD must have a clear understanding of the overarching, high level business objectives for the client and how, strategically, Starcom is recommending we achieve those objectives. Therefore, the AMD will oversee and/or actively engage in development of media plan objectives and strategies, as well as own presentations, reporting, post analyses created by the team. Further, on a daily basis it is critical that the AMD be highly engaged with the team to ensure client deliverables follow through on commitments; quality of work exceeds expectations, and timely delivery.

A high level of success is required in each of the following Core Competencies.

Action: Client Service Oriented & Problem Solver

•Drawing on previous experiences uses a variety of approaches to identify internal/external client needs; partners with clients to ensure needs are met and expectations surpassed. Continually searches for ways to increase client satisfaction.

•To understand the complex cause and effect patterns that may underlie issues and/or opportunities thinks beyond the obvious. Identifies patterns and trends that relate to a particular situation and uses that knowledge to come up with creative solutions.

Interaction: Opportunity Focused

Consistently looks for ways to make things better through identifying opportunities to increase individual and organizational performance or results. Even in the face of disappointment and/or adversity remains solution-oriented.

Personal Impact: Adaptable

Open to new information. Readily accepts change. Willing and able to listen to multiple perspectives. Can be comfortable with ambiguity. Quickly adjusts thinking and actions should the realities of a situation shift.

Leadership: Strategic & Environmentally Aware

• Considers a broad business context for the development of challenging and realistic goals. Creates a direction for the organization and devises the plans for short-term and long-term vitality, grow and success.

• Understands the potential impact of industry trends on client and STARCOM business, and takes appropriate action. Builds and maintains a stable of sources for real-time information that can affect our industry, our agency, our client. Knows our position in the market place and works to exploit it.

Additional Information:

Management: Talent Development, Planning/Organization

Actively and continuously provides coaching, feedback and learning opportunities to help improve productivity and performance of team members. Encourages and supports the growth and advancement of others. Readily shares career path alternatives with individuals interested in advancement.

Creates a plan to organize and align resources in order to accomplish objectives within an established timeline. Effectively handles unanticipated events and situations by having an alternative plan of action. Efficiently manages multiple demands and competing priorities.


Experience in the industry has bred passion for and knowledge of multiple digital media platforms

Entrepreneurial leaning: recognizes, understands, and capably evaluates reward/risk ratio in various situations

Knows how to supervise and performance manage a team of direct reports . Communicates workload and resource management insights to Directors

Savvy in Digital Advertising Account Management and Production processes

Strong knowledge of and skill using syndicated interactive research applications and ad serving including but not limited to DoubleClick DART for Advertisers (DFA); comScore Media Metrix; AdRelevance; MRI; DoubleClick MediaVisor and equivalents; Microsoft Office Suite especially Excel and PowerPoint

Understands the Starcom billing processes and deadlines to ensure the team delivers on financial responsibilities, inclusive of the agency or client(s) global/national partner and spend commitments

Proficient mathematical abilities

Excellent presentation skills

Job# SMG00285