Director, Contributor Network

New York
Feb 07, 2014
Mar 09, 2014
Ms. Hiring Manager
Digital Media
Full Time
One of digital’s hottest and most-imitated media brands is expanding their network of creative contributors, and they need a Director, Contributor Network to steer the ship. Only a versatile, entrepreneurial Content pro will do here. Here’s why: your social feeds and LinkedIn connections are stocked with creative talent that speaks (or can speak) to savvy, stylish Millennial women. You’ll also need to be a gifted leader, a visionary strategist, a relentless executor, a goal-oriented manager, and a taste maker. If you check all of those boxes, we should talk. Soon.

Nitty Gritty
This brand is already a must-read for successful Millennial women. Style, lifestyle, health and wellness, even politics — they cover it all. The next challenge is expanding their Contributor Network. That’s where you come in, friend. You’ll drive the expansion effort, adding new voices and fresh image, video, and design talent to their already sizable roster. You’ll scout new talent and identify rising stars, as well as recruiting established personalities and thought leaders. Then you’ll give them a platform that elevates their personal brands. Your contributors get traffic and name recognition, and you get top-shelf content that delivers massive clicks. Win-win.

You’re not just building a network, however — you’re owning it. The network’s performance is on your shoulders, so you’ll have to be a data-driven decision maker who keeps a close eye on the metrics at all times. You’ll work with their Business Intelligence team to deliver performance metrics to your contributors, and provide guidance and best practices for helping them create killer content that earns maximum visits and views.

Speaking of metrics, you’ll also drive the distribution of your contributor’s content. You’ll use every tool at your disposal — SEO, affiliate marketing, social, and more — to maximize distribution. They’re expecting you to deliver quality content that has high potential for virality, but you can do that in your sleep.

While you’re building and nurturing the network, the Product team is hard at work iterating and improving the CMS that will drive your content efforts. You’ll have to pitch in, as well. You’ll work closely with the Product team, making recommendations for new features and functionalities. Making the content creation process easy and fun will be a powerful incentive for your contributors, so your feedback is critical here.

All in all, this is a one-person army gig. Ownership, strategy, and execution are all on the table here. But don’t let that intimidate you — success here means being able to say that you built what’s sure to be one of the most successful contributor networks in all of digital. Try that concept on for a sec. Say it aloud. Seriously.

Feels pretty awesome, right?

You’re a Content pro with deep experience at some of digital’s most popular media brands. That means you’ve spent a few years in a leadership role at the Huffington Posts, Buzzfeeds, and Forbes of the world. And yet, you’re so much more than “just a Content person.”

Your fingers are on the pulse of everything that matters to smart and stylish Millennial women. Your contact list is filled with the people whose content drives this space now and will drive it in the future. Likewise, you’ve got an eye for spotting the emerging voices that will become future thought leaders.

You’re also an entrepreneur at heart. You’ve got more ideas for revolutionary content strategies than you know what to do with, and you’re searching for a shop that has the vision and the guts to take a chance on you. And who wouldn’t want to take a chance on you? After all, you’ve already got plenty of experience recruiting and managing a large contributor network. All you need is a little elbow room, and you’ll build something great in no time.

You’re a marketer, as well. Your mastery of social media allows you to generate buzz and attract traffic, as well as recruiting top-shelf talent. Speaking of which, your marketing savvy helps contributors see the value of coming under your umbrella (and bringing their friends with them).

Last but not least, you’re a data-driven manager and leader. There are always numbers behind the calls you make, and you ensure that everyone on your team understands why they matter.

Inside Skinny
They’re looking for someone who can take ownership from day one and deliver an ambitious 90-day plan in short order. If you can show us a social feed packed with relevant content contributors who will gladly join your squad, you’ll move right to the front of the line.

For an ambitious Content pro with big things in their sights, they don’t get better than this gig. The Hired Gun who lands this one will be able to look back and say “I was there when,” just like the folks who were at Google and Netflix in the early days. Yeah, it’s that big.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, disability, or any other status protected by applicable law.

No phone calls or faxes, please.

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