Parent Liason

New York
Feb 11, 2014
Mar 13, 2014
Carolina Zapata
Full Time

Green Ivy Schools is the innovative, community-based venture founded by school development expert and Lower Manhattan mom, Dr. Jennifer Jones. Green Ivy offers modern, community-inspired private schools that address the Lower Manhattan school shortage while providing a rich, engaging alternative to traditional private education.

Green Ivy is a progressive and child-centered organization. We develop and grow schools using a range of educational approaches, all based on a foundation of engaged learning and a strong belief that education is achieved through exploration and collaboration.

Green Ivy’s educational philosophy includes creating human connections through experience, and creating a community led by inspired, passionate educators. Our first location, Battery Park Montessori, was a preschool with a capacity of approximately 60 children, which opened in Battery Park City in Fall 2013. Our second location, Pine Street School, will open in FiDi as a preK-8th grade school in Fall 2014 with a capacity for approximately 500 children. We will eventually open additional school locations in Manhattan as well as in other U.S. cities and abroad.

We are also building an enrichment division (after school, plus summer, winter and spring camps) that reflects our educational philosophy while drawing upon the wealth of cultural resources and institutions across the New York City region.


You are someone who relishes the opportunity for conversation, from light to intellectual. You delight in learning more about people, their backgrounds, interests and experiences. Others warm readily to you because you welcome them with friendliness, a genuine interest, a smile and a human quality. For you, the ideal role is one akin to hosting a daily dinner party, where your guests come from all walks of life. You enjoy preparing an environment to receive guests, thinking of small details that communicate thoughtfulness as well as good taste; You are always noticing an article, a product, an event that someone else might be interested in. You love to build solutions for others and find resources that can be helpful. You have both confidence and humility, and you recognize that making others feel supported means actively listening.


We offer you a career challenge; an opportunity to work on a project that will make an impact in the world from within an organization that prioritizes children and their social-emotional development. You will have a meaningful role in creating a different future for the world’s next generation.



You will be responsible for building the relationship between the school and the parents. This will involve keeping parents informed about school happenings and procedures as well as helping parents obtain information about their children’s school experience and day-to-day well being. The Parent Liaison has detailed information about each family and keeps a tight relationship with them. You will respond to parent needs both as they relate to school and to general interests and needs.

•Address all parent inquiries related to the school.
•Serve as the first point of contact for all enrollment inquiries.
•Provide parents information about the resources available to them through the school and community.
•Develop and host social events and informational events for parents.
•Build a special relationship with families to help them access different services they need.
•Contact parents to serve on school committees or to attend special events at the school.
•Respond to all parent’s questions about school services or specific activities and events.
•Maintain confidentiality in carrying out responsibilities.

•Education: Bachelor’s Degree
•Residency in New York City
•Experience: Prior work experience preferably as a Parent Liaison or in a customer service/ hospitality role
•Systems: Have exposure to Mac computers, iPad, and iPhone and fluency in MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or Mac applications (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)

•Education: Masters Degree
•Experience: 5 +years of work experience preferably as a Parent Liaison or in a customer service/ hospitality role
•Languages: Fluent in at least one other language

•Education: Masters Degree in Communication/ Customer Service or Hospitality related field
•Experience: 10 +years of work experience preferably as a Parent Liaison or in a customer service/ hospitality role

•Exceptional oral and written communication skills
•Ability to interact with people and naturally establishes social relations.
•Passion for interpersonal interaction and social activity
•Devotion to maintaining a strong relation between the school and the families
•Strong organizational skills
•Trustworthiness and dependability

Think big, dare to challenge yourself and the world around you, believe that your ideas will create solutions for the world’s future generations. Apply now via and submit your CV. Please also take time to tell us about yourself and why this role is an ideal fit for you at this point in your career, and why you are a fit for our organizational culture. Local candidates only