Media and Culture Enterprise Reporter for National

Salt Lake City
Feb 13, 2014
Mar 15, 2014
Mr. Nathan Sorensen
Full Time
The Deseret News seeks a talented writer to produce enterprise stories about media and culture for an audience interested in faith and family issues. This reporter will also aggregate and analyze Internet content for our digital audiences.
This reporter will write primarily for the Deseret News’ growing national audience, with articles to appear on both and the forthcoming, as well as in local and national editions of the paper.
Candidates must demonstrate the ability to write enterprising national stories about media and its impact on culture, including families and people of faith. We are seeking a reporter who will examine trends in entertainment and technology — particularly movies, television, books, the Internet and the arts — and highlight interesting art and ideas while also shining a light on media that is manipulative or exploitative. This reporter must also have the knowledge and capacity to engage with other thinkers in national conversations, both online and offline, about media and values.
The Deseret News is part of a dynamic media company whose mission is to be a trusted voice of light and knowledge for a growing national audience interested in faith and family issues. The Project for Excellence in Journalism recently reported on innovations at the Deseret News:

Job description
•Produce two (2) strong, enterprising stories each week
•Produce three (3) web roundups of news coverage each week

Skills necessary
•Writing that is thoughtful, enlightening, informative, rigorous, engaging and entertaining
•Ability to develop stories beyond the routine. We are looking for someone who will ask more interesting questions, go beyond simple news releases and do thoughtful enterprise story development and research
•Journalism and/or other professional training in critical/analytical thinking
•Ability to find, understand and use data to drive stories
•Ability to work with professionals to cultivate a beat in a way that develops mutual trust and respect with national sources who can provide trusted insight and perspective
•Capacity and interest in participating in national conversations on media and culture through social media, source development, networking and insightful reporting
•Willingness to take regular feedback and editing from multiple editors
•Ability to write on deadline and take breaking news assignments on short notice
•Commitment to Deseret Media Companies mission and values

•Please send cover letter, resume and clips to Nathan Sorensen,
•In your cover letter, please explain your interest and experience in reporting on media and culture, including what you think are some of the important issues that should be covered on this beat, and state why you would be a good fit for a publication like the Deseret News.

Please attach cover letter, clips and resume to email message. (Preferably Word or PDF format)