Technical Editor

Feb 14, 2014
Mar 16, 2014
Traci Leaphart
Other, Publishing
Full Time
Position Description: The Technical Editor edits documents prepared by Board staff and consultants. Applying a general knowledge of the subject areas relevant to the Board, the Technical Editor ensures that publications are logically arranged and that the text conforms to current English-usage standards and established Board editorial style. The Technical Editor assists other senior editors in carrying out their assignments and also may be responsible for coordinating the Board's contributions to publications of other governmental organizations. The Technical Editor assists in coordinating the typesetting and printing of publications and with the creating and updating of content for the Board's public website, PubWeb.

Position Requirements: Requires sound editing, proofreading, and writing skills, managing traditional publications editorial processes and ability to work well with authors and managers. Also requires ability to understand information in fields such as financial supervision and regulation topics, sufficient to resolve inconsistencies and inaccuracies. Knowledge level is typically achieved through completion of bachelor's degree—preferably in English, journalism, or acquired through extensive communications-related experience. At least three years of specialized experience in technical editing with increasing levels of responsibility are also required.

Knowledge of XML- and CMS-based publishing technology and project management experience is also desirable, as is the ability to vary editing style to meet the needs of various audiences (general public, policymakers, academicians and internal constituencies including Federal Reserve Board and Reserve Bank staff). Editing test required.

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