International Operations Coordinator

New York
Feb 28, 2014
Mar 30, 2014
Ms. Justin Taroli
Full Time
Job Purpose

To support International Operations and to serve as the liaison between international subsidiary offices and the US headquarters. This role provides ongoing support to the subsidiaries regarding rights and royalties, marketing and publicity, availability of stock, options for new print runs and reprints, negotiating and securing permissions and approvals for various local initiatives, as well as other miscellaneous communication between Scholastic Inc and subsidiary offices.

Additionally, this position would be responsible for coordinating the ordering and distribution of seasonal sales materials and promotional items to subsidiary offices, to assist with the creation of co-editions of Scholastic titles, as well as promotional catalogs and other marketing materials for the International division.


The tasks associated with undertaking the position of International Product Marketing Coordinator include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:

•Order and receive promotional and sales materials for all Scholastic subsidiaries: the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Asia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.
•Receive and organize copies of sales products received from US Trade division. These include, but are not limited to, book covers, blank books, advance reading copies, and galleys.
•Coordinate the distribution of US produced promotional materials and galleys to Subsidiaries and archive copies of products received from them.
•Conduct extensive email correspondence with various divisions and channels of Scholastic, its Subsidiaries, and the Export Order Center in India.
•Support Operations Department as needed, using various internal systems to research royalty rates, territory and distribution rights, contract details, product data, and other information necessary for processing of International sales.
•Create ISBNs and enter product information in internal systems as needed for new products and promotional materials produced by Export and Export Asia divisions
•Maintain the list of pricing details for products sold by Export division and make changes based on new products, terminated contracts, and updated contract information.
•Coordinate with Trade Marketing division to arrange distribution of E-book files and metadata to Export customers via ONIX feed.
•Work with Export Marketing to coordinate the manufacture and mailing of seasonal product catalogs, samples, and other marketing materials.
•Receive on a daily basis, multiple e-mail updates about everything from trade schedule changes, software updates, terminations of books, changes in contract status, new acquisitions, manufacture of displays and other promotional material. This information is regularly disseminated to a specified contact list and any follow-up questions or requests answered in a timely manner.
•Draft and manage contracts and Inter-Company Agreements, and maintain the database of International co-editions

Required Qualifications:

•Proficiency in MS Office particularly Excel required
•Outstanding customer service skills
•2 years of related experience
•Strong administrative skills
•Ability to quickly learn and adapt to several company-specific systems
•Excellent organizational skills with attention to details
•Strong written, verbal communications and partnering skills

Desired Qualifications
•Publishing experience preferred
•Interest in licensing and copy rights