Mar 06, 2014
Apr 05, 2014
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Full Time
Overall Objective:

To successfully create award-winning and effective advertising for Pulte Group/Organic. The Copywriter is a skillful master of creative writing and concepting, working in tandem with an Art Director partner that transforms compelling and imaginative concepts into visual reality.


-Produce excellent work for Pulte Group/Organic, both creatively as well as effectively, in multiple media types including, but not limited to, television, radio, print, digital, outdoor, and collateral.

-Help the agency win new business through bold, innovative work, as well as effective presentations.

-Translate concepts to production-ready scripts.

-Maintain best practices for file and server management, including the consistent application of naming conventions, file/folder organization, versioning control, script details, and more.

-Maintain client brand guidelines and copy standards.

-Manage multiple projects simultaneously while meeting deadlines.

-Process information supplied by clients and Account Services and translates into effective copy.

-Proofread all communications developed by the creative team and ensure information accuracy.

-Maintain important relationships with clients and help the agency move the relationship to one of value and respect.

-Help the agency develop strong and positive relationships in the advertising and marketing community to aid in the recruitment of top talent.

-Possess a positive attitude when working with colleagues, associates, and clients. Be solutions-oriented, and supportive in finding solutions to unexpected challenges.

-Other duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s degree required and/or 2-3 years’ experience with an advertising or design company.

A strong portfolio of creative that demonstrates originality, innovation, problem-solving, and personal expression.

Demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Word on a Mac OSX platform.

Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, set priorities, utilize resources, identify and address problems, meet deadlines, and stay within budget.

Strong interpersonal skills; a team player, positive and innovative thinker.

Highly motivated and a high level of initiative; ability to work independently, in support of the agency’s creative goals and the client’s business objectives.

Agency 720 is an equal employment opportunity employer.