Viral Writer

Los Angeles
Mar 17, 2014
Apr 16, 2014
Lynn Truong
We are looking for a freelance writer with an exceptional eye for creating and curating content that is both viral and helpful.

Your main goal is to help us create content that will generate thousands of social media shares per article, and make such articles so helpful that they compel visitors to bookmark/subscribe to Wise Bread.

You must have a strong nose for appealing web style and copy, be efficient, organized, and responsive. We don’t have strict working hours (this is a telecommuting position), and there is a lot of autonomy, but you must be dependable. You must be comfortable working with several types of content formats, including text, videos, photographs, and infographics.

Your duties:
  • Research top rival websites (and primary sources that feed these sites) for helpful viral content to find new ideas that will be appropriate for our audience.

  • Most of your time will be spent on writing viral articles. The other part of your time will be to come up with viral topic ideas for our writers.

To apply for this position, email with the following:
  1. Subject Line: Freelance Viral Writer

  2. Resume and Rate per Article

  3. Provide links to five best websites you would visit daily to find helpful viral content that is a good fit for Wise Bread.

  4. List ten helpful viral article ideas: five about personal finance (e.g., credit cards, budgeting, etc.), and five about anything else you think would be a good fit on Wise Bread. We want specific article ideas with titles.

  5. Link to five articles that you have worked on that were (or should’ve been if given the chance) big social media hits. Feel free to share more than five.

  6. Create a more clickable and shareable title for the following three Wise Bread articles:

    1. 7 Steps You Must Take to Protect Your Family Financially

    2. Will New Chip and Pin Credit Cards Stop Identity Theft?

    3. Here's How the Major Airlines Determine When and How You Board