New Jersey
Mar 25, 2014
Apr 24, 2014
Rory Nicholas
Full Time
Primary responsibilities include:

• Responsible for producing content as well as overseeing/managing editorial staff and freelance writers.
• Supporting the mission of the organization and ensuring that its policies are followed and its editorial standards are upheld.
• Serve as a spokesperson for the business within our community of readers at various venues.
• Interview and hire staff for the editorial team as needed.
• Engage in short and long-term strategic planning, in tandem with other departments. Research developments within the industry with a careful eye on competitors.
• Interact regularly with managers in other key departments.You will be expected to learn about all facets of the organization as a business, even though your background strength is editorial.
• Create initiatives that bolster the publication’s profile and profitability.
• Oversee and work toward expanding company's social media and online channels.

Must have strong management and communication skills.

Send cover letter and resume. Salary requirements must be included.