Director, Photography & Post Production

Apr 01, 2014
May 01, 2014
Melissa Ngo
Full Time
This role will supervise the Video Photography/MMJ and Post-Production Craft Editing teams and all the projects that involve them both in the field and in the TWC post-production facility for both production and post-production environments.

The Director must have a proactive management style, and effectively observe and evaluate the teams' performances. This position will understand and improve processes and workflow, foresee and address issues before they become problems and successfully support the staff in their roles. This position handles personnel matters pertaining to the teams, including recruiting,
training, project assignments, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions and promotions.

The Director will participate in department planning for improvements and growth in areas including personnel/staffing, design and build out of new technical resources, and recommended equipment purchases.

The Director will act as a liaison between the Video Photography and Post-Production Craft Editing teams and Engineering, video producers, show producers, and other editorial teams.

Specific Responsibilities
· Directly supervise the Video Photography/MMJ and Post-Production Craft Editing team and all work that occurs both in the field and in the TWC post-production facility, including scheduling of personnel and all production resources for 24/7 day-to-day delivery of TWC programming initiatives.
· Manage staffing for full-time, part-time and overtime hours. Make scheduling adjustments to meet requirements while staying within budget limits.
· Maintain a complete operational understanding of all team job functions, processes, procedures and workflow.
· Manage specific equipment / resource usage such as cameras, hard drives, media cards, etc.
· Manage initiatives involving the team that will create efficiencies by aligning job responsibilities to meet company goals.
· Proactively manage the Video Photography and Post-Production Craft Editing team and their performance.
· Set performance standards, communicate performance expectations and hold the team accountable for their performance, coordinating with department HR liaison to address any performance issues in a timely manner.
· Assure one on one quarterly performance reviews, mid-year and final assessments are done on time, and that each member of the staff has a Performance and Development Plan that aligns with department and company-wide goals.
· Manage performance and staffing changes (promotions, hiring, etc) to ensure the development of top performers and that they are aligned with complementary external department talent.
· Develop and coordinate training opportunities for the Video Photography and Post-Production Craft Editing team.
· Interact effectively ,horizontally, through TWC as needed, working closely and collaboratively with multiple departments.
· Coordinates with Engineering to ensure all that all Post-production facilities and equipment is functioning properly.
· Manage projects as assigned by Director of Technical Production.

· Degree in communications or related field preferred. Degree requirement may be waved in lieu of job knowledge and experience.
· Ten years experience in hands-on video shooting, MMJ and post-production work.
· Five years experience in management or in a team-lead role.
· Expert knowledge of, and experience with, current DTE/NLE systems hardware and software, as well as the ability to evaluate and create requirements documents to drive purchasing decisions.
· Expert experience with current videography systems (including a working knowledge of 4K and other growing technologies), with the ability to evaluate and create requirements documents to drive purchasing decisions.
· Ability to set team and individual performance goals.
· Ability to recommend and set strategic direction & goals for Video Photography and Post-Production Craft Editing team.
· Excellent communication and team building skills with the ability to relate with sensitivity to the unique needs and problems of a 24 x 7 operation with critical deadlines.
· Multi-task oriented with proven ability to properly manage assigned resources.
· Must have good team skills including listening, initiative, and follow through.
· Must be able to see technical issues in light of operational requirements and act on them accordingly.
· Must be well organized.

· Must be a leader, willing and able to take the initiative to set focus and direction.
· Must possess unquestionable ethical standards.
· Must be customer-focused and a team player.
· Must be flexible and adaptable in a rapidly changing environment.
· Must get along well with others, and be willing and able to deal with diverse culture & customer base challenges across a variety of issues.
· Must be eager to develop their personal skillset.
· Must be willing to work extended hours when necessary.
· Must have the ability to interface between creative, technical and senior level professionals.

Physical Requirements
· May be required to lift and carry equipment weighing as much as 20 lbs.
· Must be able to look at a computer monitor and other monitors for a period of 3-4 hours. Some monitors may be as close at 2ft and as far as 12ft away

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