Account Supervisor

New York
Apr 10, 2014
May 10, 2014
Ms. Jennifer Adler
Advertising, Other
Full Time
Project Management & Production:

•Responsible for day-to-day management of relationship with all clients (ABM through SBM and Director when needed)
•Oversees management of all day-to-day account activities and should be seen as the person to go to if the clients have concerns with the day-to-day process
•Proactively manages AD on:
–status of client relationship (any concerns or opportunities that arise - political, process, relationship or other)
–concerns with process (internal or external)
–Interagency team concerns (process, political, relationship or other)
•Oversees weekly client status (and Interagency team meetings if relevant)
•Ultimately responsible for ensuring all projects are on time. Assists AE in notifying clients of relevant fluctuations (especially concerning larger projects).
•Responsible for working with BA Department should any issues arise

Partner Agency Management:

•Responsible for managing day-to-day relationships with partner agencies
–oversees all Interagency team projects and responsible for managing client expectations if a delay in Interagency team delivery effects overall client delivery timeline
–responsible for raising a flag to AD if the Interagency team relationships are not as healthy as they should be


•Has comprehensive understanding of client’s business, competition and marketplace and finds ways to more effectively meet client objectives across all projects
•Works with strategy on writing briefs and ensures all creative addresses needs outlined in the brief
•Ultimately responsible for AAE’s competitive updates/reports for client as creative or programs breaks.
•Responsible for ensuring annual or bi-annual competitive report exceeds client expectations


•Responsible for ensuring all projects are completed on or under scoped hours. Responsible for getting client approval on large project Change Orders.
•Oversees development of any new SOWs with internal departments and gains client approval (annual SOW will be a collaboration with AD and will ultimately need to be approved by all Dept. Heads and GAD)
•Demonstrates a clear understanding of budgeting/hour requirements
•Responsible for finding new revenue opportunities and working with AD on ways to secure projects/briefs
•Ensures OOP and AR are on budget (oversees/provides advice and support to AE as needed)


•Responsible for the long term career growth and mentorship of the AE and AAE. Responsible for delivery of AE and AAE’s annual review (and 6 month or monthly check-ins as needed).

Please include a cover letter and resume.

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