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New York
Apr 10, 2014
May 10, 2014
Mr. Hiring Manager
Digital Media
One of New York’s most prestigious medical centers is launching a patient-focused rethink across their entire digital presence. While other hospitals are still using content that’s stale, overly clinical, and often kind of scary, this hospital is determined to create content that patients and their loved ones find approachable, informative, and useful. That’s where you come in.

There’s a lot of content that needs to be created here. We’re talking thousands of pieces (yes, really) of content here. To accomplish that, we’re helping them build a team of freelance digital writers, editors, and copy editors who can commit to this project for at least six months (but probably longer).

You’re right for this gig if you can distill complex medical information into accessible and informative content for patients that still makes the hospital sound authoritative yet also approachable. If this sounds like you — and especially if you have a background in medical, science, or pharma writing for any kind of website — we want to meet you ASAP.

Nitty Gritty
Here’s the deal: this hospital is doing a patient-focused ground-up rebuild. They want current patients (and prospective patients) to feel informed and empowered by medical content, not alienated by it. You’re not developing sale-sy marketing copy, and it’s not quite traditional journalism either — in its end state, the experience will offer approachable, patient-friendly content that provides genuine value to people searching for information on conditions and treatment options. It should also position the hospital as a world leader in treating these conditions.

For six months, we’ll be building a newsroom of sorts. We’ll assign you a beat, generally structured around fields like pediatrics or cardiology. You’ll be given a style guide, a template, and access to all the information you could possibly need to deliver great content.

And you’ll be assigned subject matter experts to interview like surgeons and doctors and other folks within the hospital to get insight on certain conditions and treatments. In some cases you’ll have source documents; in others, you’ll be left to your own devices to interview, write up, and produce.

To land this job you’ve got to prove that you’ve got a track-record of reaching sources and can run down a story like the best of ‘em.

The deadlines are aggressive here, so you’ll need to work fast. You’ll also be juggling several different projects at once, as each makes its way through the system.

You’re a versatile, veteran science, health, or medical content writer who specializes in taking complex content and distilling for a consumer audience. You’ve never met a subject you couldn’t simplify through tighter storytelling. And you have a gift for eliminating jargon your work in such a way that it elevates your pieces while making them accessible to mass audiences of every demographic and income strata.

You’re also a master of managing multiple projects and tight deadlines. You can work fast without sacrificing quality, and you don’t get all snippy when revisions are requested (you’d be surprised…).

Ideally, you’ve covered science, health and medicine for a popular media outlet. This is not a long-form journalism role; you’ll need to be familiar with a CMS and know how to create web-friendly copy. If you don’t have a science background but can prove that you’ve tackled complicated subjects (e.g., financial services or technology) previously, don’t be shy.

Inside Skinny
You have great examples of the kind of work we’re talking about (we will ask for links).

This is a six-month project, but that’s only phase one. After that’s over, they’ll need you for the next phase, if you’re still available.

This gig is perfect for a freelance writer with a gift for making tough concepts understandable for a general audience. If you want to add a complete content overhaul at a major hospital to your portfolio, we’ve got what you need.

No phone calls or faxes, please.

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