Senior Editor

May 05, 2014
Jun 04, 2014
Cristina Giroux
Full Time
Red Alert Politics, the politics and culture website “by young conservatives, for young conservatives,” is hiring a SENIOR EDITOR to help drive editorial strategy across a variety of media. The senior editor will be responsible for generating story ideas and content for a young-adult, right-of-center audience, overseeing aspects of the day-to-day editorial operation on an as-needed basis, and making radio and television appearances to promote Red Alert’s content.

The senior editor must be someone who has as much of a working knowledge of national politics and Capitol Hill as cultural trends and entertainment — and has the ability to produce relevant work accordingly.

Job Requirements:

•3+ years in journalism, a political capacity predominately devoted to writing, or some combination thereof;
•Excellent news judgment and a strict adherence to journalistic integrity;
•Superb written skills, including the capability of coming up with great leads, and versatile written skills, including the ability to pen shorter news stories and longer features;
•The ability to produce audio, image-based, and/or video stories;
•A strong social media presence;
•Copyediting ability
•A fearlessness in brainstorming and developing his or her own voice— but also a team-first attitude;
•A willingness to work weekend hours as needed (this is predominately a M-F position) and as desired (seriously, if you have a killer idea on a Saturday, then get after it on a Saturday);
•Good taste in pop music, sports teams, and lunch spots.

A bachelor’s degree or higher is assumed.

Please send a cover letter, resume, three references and three clips to In your cover letter, please speak to how you would approach generating content specifically for a young adult, right-of-center audience.

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