Freelance Writer

New York
May 11, 2014
Jun 10, 2014
Mr. Hiring Manager
Prose Media ( is a content marketing agency that creates high-quality writing for brands -- from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

We are looking for exceptional freelance writers to join our network. Ideally you have experience writing for one or more specific industries (e.g., technology, finance, or health care).

We’re a small private agency, not an online freelance marketplace, so there is no “bidding” on gigs. Once accepted, writers are contacted whenever we feel they’re right for a particular project. Payment is made on a per-project basis. (Kindly note: As an early-stage service looking to build a diverse talent base, we have more writers than we do available work; however, you will regularly be kept in mind.)

Rates vary based on assignment, according to clients’ budgets. If you have minimum rate requirements (per word or per project), please specify on the application; if accepted, you will be considered only for projects above that threshold.

Writing samples are especially important. We occasionally share them (discretely) with individual clients so these samples may be helpful in attracting work.

Optionally, please also indicate any related areas of expertise -- such as pitching content to media outlets, PR or Marketing strategy, sales, or graphic design.

Please apply online via our website: Please do not apply via e-mail.