Production Coordinator - G0300034

New YorkNew York
May 13, 2014
Jun 12, 2014
Ms. Michele Duhrssen
Full Time

The Production Coordinator position will provide an opportunity for the successful incumbent to manage his/her own titles and lists and to be the contact person for all related issues. Additionally, he/she will interface with all levels of staff in art, manufacturing and editorial departments.


The Production Coordinator will oversee the conversion of an Outside Publisher’s book to a Scholastic branded version of that book. This includes changes in trim, paper, page count, art, text, title, and special effects, and adding our Scholastic branding/ information.

This person will manage the production of 1/c book club and book fair novels, Reprints for all titles, eBooks for novels/digests, value stickers for shrink-wrapped packs and slipcases.

It is the Production Coordinator's responsibility to manage the accuracy of the file pickups with supervision/support from the Senior Managing Editor.


• Report to the Senior Managing Editor Cross Channel Licensing
• Assist with e-book proofing and production as needed
• Update and maintain the status agendas keeping track of all pertinent schedule and production information
• Review and finalize manuscripts submitted by Editorial
• Review mechanicals and proofread printer blues and separator proofs
• Meet with and assist art, production, and manufacturing departments in establishing priorities, creating and revising workflows and dealing with issues as they arise
• Liaise with Book Club and Book Fair editorial as well as outside publishers regarding costs issues, scheduling conflicts or production problems/queries
• Schedule and conduct status weekly meetings with various groups (manufacturing and Club Editorial) to discuss in current and upcoming pub months and schedules
• Traffic mechanicals and proofs both internally with involved departments and externally with outside publishers
• Review material ready to go to manufacturing
• Provide support for the Senior Managing Editor
• Create barcodes for all licensed titles, Scholastic reprints, and any necessary for other departments (i.e. outside purchase titles and some custom publications)
• Hire, supervise, and train the intern staff
• Assist in the training and overseeing of freelancer proofreaders in regard to Scholastic style


• Ability to prioritize and manage workload efficiently (juggling meetings, checking proofs, attending to staff and freelance issues)
• Communication skills—must be able to express issues/concerns clearly and professionally; ability to listen well to others as well as an ability to reaching out to new parties

Specific Experience:

• Two years of production experience in publishing
Specific Skills:
• Computer skills to update the different book tracking systems
• Punctuality—promptness, adherence to work schedules, and timely notification of absence or tardiness
• Initiative—thinking independently and taking initiative to suggest improvements or changes
• Problem solving
• Excellent copyediting and proofreading experience

Note: Cover letters are appreciated

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