Photo Editor, Birchbox

New York
May 16, 2014
Jun 15, 2014
Antoinette Silvestri
Other, Publishing
Full Time
Position Overview:

Birchbox is seeking a passionate, creative, and thoughtful PhotoEditor to join our Creative Team. We are changing the way people interact with commerce and content and we want someone who can’t wait to play a huge role in defining and visualizing these new experiences.

The ideal candidate is fluent in current creative best practices, passionate about all things editorial and knows how to see a project through from beginning to end. You are well-versed in our industry and have avant-garde ideas for approaching editorial imagery. You are a detail oriented team player, capable of quick, solution oriented thinking as well as keeping your thumb on the pulse of trends and pop culture.

The Photo Editor would be responsible for overseeing our weekly and monthly editorial photo creation. This includes working cross-team to source editorial stock photography, coordinate editorial photo shoots, and working with freelancers to execute Birchbox branded imagery. The ideal candidate would be excited about keeping Birchbox on-trend and cutting edge in the editorial world, while still remaining approachable for our customers. The ability to work quickly under pressure and prioritize requests under tight deadlines is crucial. There's a lot to get done and the right candidate will be energized by the chance to work closely with our content and creative teams to execute the best creative solutions.


Responsible for sourcing, concepting, and selecting photos for content purposes.

Liaison between the creative team and content team to bring editorial themes to life.

Photo research and compiling photo credits

Managing, tracking and budgeting stock photo purchases

First-hand knowledge of all photo procurement options -- creation, licensing, owned photos, and public domain -- and an ability to determine the best avenue for each individual assignment

Create, maintain and organize a database of Birchbox-owned images.

Quality control over images, not just for quality but also that the images are on brand and represent our voice.

As necessary, recommend solutions and ideas for improving our photos, photo tools, and photo processes.

Work with creative team and prioritize requests (any requests outside of simple production: heavy retouching, article and photo templates, text/graphic treatments, etc).

Make sure imagery is proper dimensions and resolutions for all of our properties, with basic retouching and layout abilities

Technical Qualifications:

Must have previous professional photography experience in creative content operations

Proven photo research, sourcing, and production skills

Knowledge of photoshop; must be able to do minor photo editing

Solid knowledge of industry resources

Extremely organized and ability to multi-task and prioritize with ease

Thrive in a fast-paced environment

Must have a positive attitude and be a team player

Skills and Experience:

Minimum 2 years production experience in an editorial photo department

Must be proficient in Photoshop

Must be able to do basic retouching, color correcting and layouts.

Bachelor’s degree in Photography or related field of study preferred

Solid written and verbal communication skills

Must have budgeting experience

Entry Assessment details for: PHOTO EDITOR ASSESSMENT

Objective: Propose editorial photography to meet article needs while remaining within the Birchbox brand & aesthetic.

Project Overview:

Our editorial publications, the Birchbox Magazine and the Birchbox Guide, use a combination of custom photography, stock photography, and custom illustration to visually represent our stories. As the Birchbox Photo Editor you will be expected to decide when it is appropriate to use these different mediums, as well as ensuring that the imagery we are using remains on brand and identifiable as Birchbox.


Below you will find 2 examples of the types of articles that Birchbox produces. For each article, please provide a 3-5 image proposal that represent the direction to best visualize the content. Of those, choose the image you think would be best for the content and explain in a paragraph the reasoning and any edits or alterations you would make to the image to better fit the article.

Proposals must be submitted as a PDF. Document should be no longer then 2 pages.

ARTICLE 1 - Birchbox Magazine (women)

HED: Handle With Care

TRAIL: Highlighting some of the gentlest products in our Shop.


Some of us are a little more—how should we say this?—sensitive. Especially when it comes to certain products. While these types of *irritating* reactions are generally out of our control, what we can do is to avoid potentially harsh ingredients like parabens and gluten.

So we (your trusty Birchbox beauty editors) curated a list of some of our gentlest products, based on the most common allergy and sensitivity-related questions our customer operations team receives on a regular basis. On the hunt for a petroleum-free serum or soy-free eyeliner? We’ve got you covered.

ARTICLE 2 - Birchbox Guide (men)
HED: Meet the Enzymes that Can Take Your Selfie Game to the Next Level

TRAIL: First rule of posting selfies: Look your best. Our editor’s latest #nofilter assist comes from…enzymes.


When it comes to selfies, even when you’re going for that unselfconscious [“I-woke-up-like-this” authenticity](, you’re still invariably making sure the photo you post is blemish- and imperfection-free. Since my face is prone to breakouts, I have to be an extra careful photo editor. And while I’m no regular selfie taker, when I climb a mountain, I’ve got to snap a picture of myself with the jaw-dropping background. Point is, I’ve been known to take a selfie every once and a while, like every other human with a smart phone in 2014. So I’m psyched for my latest skincare discovery: enzymes that exfoliate.

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