New York
May 27, 2014
Jun 26, 2014
Mr. Cara Shultz
The Dodo will pay content creators as freelancers on a per piece basis and may offer bonuses based on the number of social shares and impressions pieces receive. We are committed to working with any (and all) writers who can produce the kind of freelance content we want. To help us determine whether you fall into that category, we are asking that interested writers submit one sample post to us for evaluation. This post will serve as your only interview/application requirement.

· If we like your submission a lot, we’ll buy it, publish it and then talk to you about establishing a more formal professional arrangement with us.

· If we like your post but think it's not quite there yet, we will contact you to discuss your piece further and put you in contact with an editor to guide you through the story process.

· If we don’t think your submission is for us, we will get in touch with you nonetheless to let you know and perhaps offer more guidance on what we are looking for.

No matter what, we promise to contact anyone who submits a sample piece. Here is more on what we are looking for:

The Dodo has staff reporters who cover breaking animal stories and longer-form, headier pieces. Now we want freelance writers who can create infectious content about animals. This means writers who can research, curate and design web posts that are irresistibly shareable on social media. There is no one formula for this, but we'd like writers to consider the kinds of posts they immediately gravitate towards when scrolling through Facebook. We would love to work with any writer who can come up with the kind of Aww!- or OMG-inducing animal content that people want to show off to friends and family – online and on social media.

Please send us one example that we can evaluate and consider publishing. You can submit it via a Word doc and email it directly to our editor, Cara, at: cara@thedodo.com. Or you can create your own Dodo community page here: https://www.thedodo.com/core/in/ and post it yourself. Then let us know it’s up by emailing us at the same email address: cara@thedodo.com.

Include resume along with submission