Managing Editor

Los Angeles
Jun 11, 2014
Jul 11, 2014
Ms. Cara Kitagawa-Sellers
Full Time
This senior level editorial position will oversee daily operations of GOOD Magazine, a multimedia lifestyle brand for the global citizen and creative change-maker. GOOD Magazine consists of a quarterly, print publication and a website that publishes feature and blog content in the form of news, commentary, photography, design, and the best new writing.


- The Managing Editor will be the top responsible for daily editorial operations of the website and print quarterly. This includes establishing and keeping the editorial schedule of multiple platforms, creating a clear and workable workflow for online and print production, managing the budget of both the print quarterly and website, overseeing online editors to ensure the daily website is programmed, the copy clean, and the facts well researched. The Managing Editor will also coordinate with the Special Projects Editor to program content created with partners

- The Managing Editor will work closely with the Head of Content and Art Director on all aspects of editorial for the print quarterly, in particular, the ME is responsible for ensuring that the journalism is solid and high quality and that the voice and vision of GOOD is soundly represented. In this capacity the ME will also ensure that art, writing, and packaging are all in place and working well, cover to cover.

- The Managing Editor oversees the editorial staff of both print and online, coordinates art and editorial, and approves freelancers. The ME will also oversee coordination between the online editions, the quarterly, and the special projects sections, including running editorial meetings.

- The ME will oversee freelance copy-editors and researchers, writers, and freelance editors.

- The ME reports to GOOD’s Creative Director and Head of Content.


- This is not an entry level position. The ME should have five years experience in magazine editorial (online and/or print, preferably both), with demonstrated skills in production, management, and editorial. Must possess strong initiative, strong organizational, problem-solving, communication, and management skills.

- GOOD’s Managing Editor will have a background in journalism, know how news stories work, and bring a strong news and journalism sensibility to content. The ME will know how to develop ideas from the editorial / pitch stage into a final product, as well as work with the Art Director and Information Editor to develop editorial content across different media.

- The ME should bring strong writing contacts and a proven ability to generate story ideas, solicit writers, match writers to projects, evaluate pitches, and generate interesting content.

- The ME should also have an innovative approach to media and the way stories are told; as well as an expressed interest in current events, news trends, lifestyle, design and photography, and excellent first person and journalistic writing.

- The ME should have strong line editing, copyediting skills, and solid fact checking, be able to hire and manage writers, freelance copy editors and researchers, be able to establish and meet deadlines, the ability to manage a number of simultaneous editorial projects, a basic knowledge of all areas of production, and a proven record of ability to collaborate with the Art and Advertising Departments, as well as experience managing staff.

- The ME will be joining GOOD in a transitional period, and should be interested in helping to craft a strong new sensibility for the website and print magazine. This means a solid awareness of what is going on in the industry, the boldness to forge new directions, and the wherewithal to keep the product directed and innovative.

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