Director, SAGE Reports

Jul 10, 2014
Aug 09, 2014
Ms. HR Intern
Full Time
This is an exciting new role leading a line of journalistic products for the Higher Education market. Building on the foundation laid by the 91-year-old CQ Researcher, an award-winning staple of undergraduate research, and drawing on SAGE’s rich history and position in the social sciences, the Director will lead the conceptualization, development, and execution of a new set of digital-first editorial products covering emerging or controversial topics for university students in a range of disciplines. The role reports directly to the Executive Director, Online Library Publishing, and will work with a team of managing editors and freelance writers. The position requires motivating an editorial team to develop a compelling combination of journalistic reports, case studies, data, and video into rigorous, balanced coverage that meets academic needs. It involves engaging with a global sales and marketing team to best represent the products. The position also requires business savvy in identifying market niches and guiding and interpreting market research. This is a high-visibility role for which the ability to articulate values and vision for a new product line, both internally and externally, will be important.

Essential Job Functions & Responsibilities

•Assure coverage of topics of interest to student researchers, librarians and other readers
•Oversee the development and production of accurate, balanced, comprehensive, timely and well-designed reports that appeal to undergraduate and graduate students in target disciplines
•Work to extend the Researcher brand and platform by proposing and helping to execute new products; collaborate with SAGE colleagues to bring products to market
•Supervise editorial staff to ensure reports meet market needs and meet the rigorous standards of the SAGE brand
•Works closely with Product Manager to ensure that site design/redesign and updating meet high standards of quality, accuracy, usability
•Collaborate with SAGE sales, marketing and circulation teams to help increase revenue, circulation and renewals and raise the visibility of SAGE report products
•Represent product line on Library Editorial Team; collaborate with other team members on administrative, strategic-planning, business-related issues.
•Attend and speak at review media as well as library and academic conferences, as necessary and feasible
•Keep abreast of potential for social media to drive up readership and awareness of publications; engage social media toward those ends, as appropriate
•Network with experts in business and academia to keep abreast of new developments in the fields of interest
•Lead meetings with SAGE editors to brainstorm new product ideas and to identify opportunities for collaboration

Qualifications & Education

Master’s or bachelor’s degree in related field

• Minimum 10 years of reporting, editing and/or editorial-management experience with online periodicals
• Experience developing new products
•Solid editorial judgment and business analytic skills
• Good interpersonal skills and professional temperament and demeanor
•Ability to read, analyze and interpret complex concepts, including business concepts, market research reports, business requirements documents, etc.

* Public speaking experience

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Washington DC, or Thousand Oaks, CA locations available!

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