Features Editor- Fit Pregnancy/Natural Health

New York
Jul 14, 2014
Aug 13, 2014
Ms. Hiring Manager
Full Time
Features editor, Fit Pregnancy and Natural Health
Primary duties:
•Conceives, assigns and edits all food coverage, as well as relationship, emotional health and some pop culture coverage for both brands.
•Generates highly-packaged, creative story ideas.
•Writes features and columns for the magazine.
•Top edits features and columns for the magazine.
•Communicates with and enhances the digital arm of both brands.
Minimum qualifications:
•Bachelor’s degree in journalism or related field, or equivalent training.
•6+ years related experience at a large consumer magazine.
•Must have a strong stable of top-notch writers.
•Must have experience in and sincere passion for food coverage.
•Must be a highly skilled editor with a flair for packaging and modernizing content.

Please send resume and salary requirements when responding to this job posting.

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