heartYN Community Manager

Jul 31, 2014
Cat Castellanos
Full Time
heartYN is looking for an empathetic, intelligent, hard-working individual to manage our rapidly-growing social media community.

Imagine an entire professional football league stadium filled with screaming fans, all of them asking for ways to make a difference in another person’s life. That’s our audience. They may appear to be simple likes on our social media profiles, but these fans are more engaged and ready to take action than most online communities or political campaigns or non-profits could conceive. This is a special opportunity for the right media-savvy organizer to fight digital slacktivism and see how far you can entice these big-hearted people to climb the user engagement ladder — from first click to real life experiences.

Working alongside our Neighbor-in-Chief, Cat Castellanos, the Community Manager will engage with heartYN fans around our uniquely people-driven, uplifting content. You’ll be the one to brighten someone’s day, to lend a sympathetic ear to someone who’s struggling, to find a way to crowdfund a simple need like socks for the homeless, to shine a spotlight on a leader who you wouldn’t normally see on the local news. Basically, you’ll spread more love than Santa Claus. Not a bad way to spend your day!

Our heartYN Community Manager must have knowledge of pop culture and a fun, neighbor-loving attitude along with:

-A burning desire to help build a visually stunning, super inspiring, awesome community focused on getting people to wake up and care about each other
-An endless supply of ideas, from big-picture directional shifts to medium-sized audience expansions to brilliant one-off editorial concepts based directly on user behavior
-A strong sense of popular inspirational brands with which we could create content-sharing and cross-promotional partnerships
-A working knowledge of Facebook Insights and an interest in data analytics
-A willingness to work with database management tools like NationBuilder to monitor user behavior and identify patterns and opportunities to organize users towards a common cause
-A strong judge of character, capable of vetting opportunities to take action and raising a red flag if a community member or scenario is inauthentic
-A willingness to work with e-mail strategists to convert social media users to a deeper level of engagement
-Excellent grammar, and clear and precise communication skills
-Good sense of the Zeitgeist; know what people are buzzing about right now, and perhaps even what they'll be buzzing about tomorrow
-Internet savvy/social media savvy
-Excellent judgment: the ability to decisively pick the best idea out of 100 great ones
-Basic knowledge of journalism / writing / photography / PhotoShop is a plus

To apply:
Please fill out the form below or email the following to talent@lyn.co.
-Cover Letter explaining why you're our kind of neighbor
-Links to any social media, blogs, etc, that you use

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