Instructional Designer, Education

Owings Mills
Aug 12, 2014
Sep 11, 2014
Ms. Kristin Cook
Part Time
Work with assigned content experts to oversee creation of content outline, assuring that content outline meets requirements and content standards, provide feedback and direction to content experts as needed, Provide guidance to writer to develop scripts for all parts of course or website, including website text, interactives and, as needed, video scripts, Provide direction to writer about writing style, Oversee revisions to script as needed, Work with MPT Executive producer to ensure that script is "final" as it moves to production phase, Adhere to MPT Education style guidelines, Work with and/or oversee MPT staff and contractors to develop interactives and videos for course, Build simple interactives using educational software as needed, Put content into online Learning Management System as needed, Oversee quality assurance checks on website, Respond to feedback from MPT Executive producer and other MPT Education managers and oversee revisions as needed, Work with MPT Executive producer to assure project is finished on time and on budget, Attend meetings as needed for development and productions, working with other team members, Lead effort to assure website is 508 or WCAG 2.0 compliant and follows principle of Universal Design for Learning, Throughout project lifecycle, provide guidance to contractors and MPT staff on best practices for instructional design, Work with MPT Executive Producer to further develop MPT Education style guidelines and brainstorm new course features, Inform MPT staff about new techniques and technologies for online courses and learning, Other duties as assigned

Candidates must apply online through Maryland Public Television's website at or through the State of Maryland's website