Acquisitions Editor, Photography

Aug 14, 2014
Sep 13, 2014
Alison Lawrence
Full Time
As an Acquisitions Editor, you will:

Establish, cultivate and sustain relationships with skilled instructors who will produce blockbuster courses within the category
Seek, approach, and engage connections to continuously broaden your network and Craftsy’s potential for compelling new content
Be a credible, trusted advisor, expert and liaison for the content, courses and catalogue—building confidence with colleagues and instructors alike
Assess instructors, content and curriculum for potential to expand and advance our business—attracting, retaining and exciting our customers over and over again
Define, articulate and develop a vision and curriculum for the category
Build an intentional portfolio of courses that will resonate with our passionate enthusiasts and lead to tangible business results
Balance your responsibility as the voice of the audience with analysis, interpretation and application of data
Anticipate and recognize trends and leverage that insight to ensure we seize relevant, meaningful and timely opportunities
Be an open, collaborative partner when it comes to feedback, data, and expertise provided by other teams at Craftsy
Take ownership for end-to-end execution and recognize your responsibility for the details for each course (this includes plenty of scheduling, logistics, and contracts!)
Manage moving, changing pieces and dynamics with flexibility, commitment and a positive attitude

Does that all sounds like something you’d love to do? Awesome! Your experience and background may include, but doesn’t need to be limited to:

A personal passion for one or more of the Craftsy categories!
Experience editing, creating and/or curating category-relevant education or content
Analytical expertise demonstrated in creative, professional or academic environments
Managerial and planning experience to execute complex work in line with deadlines and milestones
Ability and interest in working in a fast-paced, ever-changing, demanding environment
Understanding of market segmentation, forces and opportunities within the category
Excellent communication skills–writing, editing and presenting in diverse formats as a face and voice of Craftsy
Education, certifications, publications, etc. that support your ability to contribute to Craftsy as described above!

Please include a cover letter with your resume.