Movie News Writer

Aug 20, 2014
Sep 19, 2014
Kelly West
Digital Media
CINEMA BLEND seeks a freelance movie news writer to cover general movie news and sci-fi related stories in general. Ideal candidates are self-motivated, highly enthusiastic wordsmiths with good common sense and a high level of interest in science fiction in film and television.

Are you a huge Star Wars or Star Trek fan? You never miss an episode of Doctor Who? Have you ever engaged in a debate over which Battlestar Galactica is the superior TV show? Or imagined yourself captaining Serenity? More importantly, have you been looking for a place to share your opinions on upcoming sci-fi projects in film and television? This may be the job for you. We're looking for a sci-fi fanatic with intimate knowledge of popular science fiction TV shows and films, who will also be able to cover other non-sci-fi movie news as well.

Qualified candidates should know how to use basic photo editing software (Photoshop!), have a willingness to work insanely hard, a hatred of clich├ęs, some writing experience and a broad knowledge of and passion for science fiction and film.

With your application, include links to published samples of your work along with a resume. We pay a small but competitive per-article rate and we're looking for 50 - 70 submissions from you a month.

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