Graphic Designer

Aug 21, 2014
Sep 20, 2014
Ms. Maya Linson
Functional Requirements
Functional requirements will vary by project. Generally, the designer will ensure a
consistent brand identity in the design of all America’s Essential Hospitals visual media.
A style guide, brand guide, and samples will be provided. Please note that the design,
ownership, copyright, and original source (e.g., InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) files
must remain with America’s Essential Hospitals and that all work product created will
be the sole property of America’s Essential Hospitals.

Submission Information
Background Information
Description of services, experience, and at least three client references
Three to five samples of relevant design work (web links are sufficient)
Design test
All candidates will be asked to design a sample print brief of approximately 1,500
words, including endnotes. America’s Essential Hospitals will supply specific format
rules, a style guide, draft content, and examples of previously produced briefs. The test
will evaluate these things:
• ability to ensure brand and style guide compliance when replicating branded
documents with various design elements, including typefaces, colors, type
styling, placement, lists, call-out text, and other design elements
• ability to create simple charts consistent with established association designs
• awareness of and sensitivity to design best practices (e.g., poor line breaks,
widows, orphans)
The final deliverable should be a print-ready Adobe Acrobat file. Please note that
America’s Essential Hospitals will consider only candidates who complete this test and
will not compensate candidates for this work. The sample delivered will not be used for
any purpose other than to evaluate candidate designers.
Cost Estimate
All candidates must provide an estimate of cost for the design test, as it is a real-world
example of a regular association product. Candidates also must supply an hourly rate
(or a schedule of rates if rates vary by type of design work).
Submission Information
Designers who wish to be considered for this opportunity should contact
Communications Manager Maya Linson at or 202-

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