Movie News Writer

Aug 22, 2014
Sep 21, 2014
Kelly West
Digital Media
CINEMA BLEND seeks a freelance movie news writer with a broad knowledge and appreciation of popular film. Ideal candidates are conversational, self-motivated, creative, passionate, knowledgeable and have a solid grasp on the English language.

Are you counting down the days until The Avengers 2, Star Wars Episode VII and Batman V Superman arrive in theaters? Are you overflowing with opinions, theories and speculation on Marvel's cinematic plans for the next decade? Are you willing to put yourself out there with bold opinions and theories about today's films? This may be the job for you! We're looking for a movie fanatic with geekish tendencies and the creativity to regularly come up with great lists and feature editorials in addition to sharing and commenting on the latest movie news.

Qualified candidates should know how to use basic photo editing software (Photoshop!), have a willingness to work insanely hard, a hatred of clich├ęs, some writing experience and a broad knowledge of and passion for movies.

With your application, please include links to published samples of your work along with a resume. We pay a small but competitive per-article rate and we're looking for 50 - 70 submissions from you a month.

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