Art Director

Aug 27, 2014
Sep 26, 2014
Heather Ottem
Full Time
You have clear point of view about what constitutes great work. You've done some of it. You crave responsibility and want to contribute to SRG at a high level.

In your career so far, you may have specialized in advertising or design, but you enjoy stretching outside of your comfort zone. You realize that to be truly valuable and ultimately fulfilled, you must engage in a variety of ways.

You're not tethered to any medium, you create work for all screens, and are as comfortable designing a banner as you are concepting a branding campaign.

You see every project an as opportunity for breakthrough ideas and know that the media types are often defined by that idea. You're a student of pop culture, and want to create some of your own.

No matter your area of focus, you see how technology creates opportunity. You'll find ways to incorporate digital thinking into most projects.

You are your own toughest critic. You can clearly articulate the "why" behind your ideas and explain every decision you've made. You're well prepared and comfortable presenting work to internal teams and clients in a thoughtful manner.

Overall, you're a force for good in the universe; you're socially adept, play well with others and crave creative challenges.

3 years of solid agency experience required. The role includes the creation and execution of ideas and advertising campaigns. Expert level knowledge of Adobe's Creative Suite is assumed.

Please provide a link to your portfolio or book.