Writer/Editor - Health Care Marketing

Sep 02, 2014
Oct 02, 2014
Mr. Matt Humphrey
Plain-English Media, LLC, is seeking a freelance writer for a print and online publication on health care marketing, communications and business development for an audience of professionals in these fields at hospital chains, surgery centers, medical practices, and other health care organizations.

Contractor will be responsible for:
* writing 7 articles per month (a total of 7,500 words)
* performing research and story selection
* identifying and interviewing expert sources – sources have generally come from two constituencies: consultants who advise health care organizations and professionals employed by the health care organizations
* securing appropriate graphics from sources when appropriate
* conceptualizing and creating special reports on important topics, 2 per year, that would include original content combined with articles already published.

Ideal candidate will possess:
* solid journalism background
* an understanding of health care, marketing, PR, and related topics
* ability to clarify complicated technical information into concise, ''plain-English'' prose
* vision to identify and crystallize the critical takeaways of business development case studies

This contract position pays $1,250 per month.

Please send resume, detailed cover letter and at least 2 writing samples. Finalist candidate(s) will be asked to submit writing test.

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