Staff Writer, Politics

Washington D.C. and New York City
Jul 01, 2016
News & Journalism
Metro Area
Full Time

The New Republic magazine is looking for smart, talented, energetic staff writers to cover politics for its website,

The ideal candidate is a political journalist who knows how to get beyond the daily theater of Congress and the White House, exposing and explaining how Washington really works. We want scoops and scooplets that soar on social media, brilliant columns that upend the media debate, and reported stories that echo in the halls of Congress. 

Whether you love peppering government agencies with FOIA requests or mining draft rules and policy briefings for buried treasure, you should be brimming with ideas for stories that take fresh, clever, and unexpected turns. Your writing is crisp, clear, and well-crafted; your voice is distinctive and fearless; your arguments are passionate and informed. And you should be competitive: We want writers to shape the day’s conversation rather than react to it.

We’re less interested in how many years of experience you have than in the quality of the work you’re doing today and the promise of growth tomorrow. Do you have a large following on social media? That’s great—but the influence of your followers, in both media and political circles, matters more to us. We encourage applicants of all ages, genders, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity. These positions are located in Washington, D.C., but we’ll also consider applicants in New York City.

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