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Freelance -- article fees
Feb 14, 2017
Metro Area


WhoWhatWhy is open to pitches from experienced, skilled freelancers. You should work at a high level and cover the sorts of topics our site covers. Please study the site carefully before deciding whether to pitch us.

WhoWhatWhy is a nonprofit, deep-digging, thoughtful, bold, independent news organization that tackles subjects and angles others don't. This has never been as important for America and the world as now. That's why we're getting attention, and why so many people want to help us expand our output.

To protect the integrity of our work from market pressures, we accept absolutely no advertising and are entirely funded by public donations. This means we have a small budget, and we're largely powered by skilled volunteers. Within our constraints, we do pay writers and editors.

When writing to us, please be mindful of a few things without which we may not be able to process the application:

1. A custom cover letter that reflects our unique approach & values for which you need to go through our website in a thorough manner.  We suggest reading the Columbia Journalism Review article about us that is linked on our home page.

2. When you pitch us, send a several-paragraph summary of each story you are offering, and indicate why it is important, what information you already have and what you still need to research. 

3. Tell us about your reporting strategy and your process; indicate what kind of sources you have.

4. Include your CV and attach clips or a link to clips.

5. Please customize your application; and kindly do not send us just your CV and a stock cover letter.




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