Content Writer, Editor and Strategist

Working from home
competitive hourly rate
Mar 14, 2017
Metro Area
New York
Part Time

Kris Carr’s team is looking for a part-time Content Writer, Editor and Strategist to create dynamic copy, manage editorial and support our wellness mission.

You have exquisite writing, editing and content strategy skills and you understand how to create an amazing reader experience.

You have a deep knowledge of the wellness industry, marketing writing and digital media.

Wellness is your passion and you’re up-to-date on the latest trends in holistic living. And if you have a strong knowledge of plant-based cooking and nutrition, that’s a huge bonus for us!

You’re super organized and detail-oriented, and you love working remotely. You’re comfortable using technical programs and analyzing KPIs. You have knowledge of SEO best practices and you know how to write catchy subject lines, blog titles and even social media posts (another bonus!).

You easily connect the dots between content and marketing—understanding the delicate balance between serving a hungry audience and growing a brand.

Working in a tight-knit, fast-paced, creative team is music to your ears and you’re always ready to switch gears for the greater good of the brand and its audience.

You speak up when you see how content or strategy can be optimized. And, you can’t wait to contribute out-of-the-box ideas that are based on the latest and greatest research and observations you’ve made through your experience in the online space.

You’re also aware of the importance of email list growth and engaging email content. The prospect of improving our overall content so that it’s more engaging and inspiring makes you want to dig right in.

Lastly, you’ve got a hungry, curious and nimble mind. You’re excited to learn new things, expand your skill set and your horizon.


What It Takes

• Read above!

• A strong portfolio demonstrating a passion for wellness

• 3-5 years of professional content development and editing experience

• Proven SEO and data analysis experience

• Must be able to work on an East Coast time schedule (U.S.)


Are You a Fit?

This position requires 25-30 hours per week (to begin)––at a competitive hourly rate.

If you are a professional writer and editor with extensive online experience, fill us in on your story!

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