Manager, Investigative Editor & Writer, Food

Consumer Reports
Yonkers, New York
Apr 19, 2017
Metro Area
New York
Full Time

Position Overview:

The Manager, Investigative Editor & Writer, Food functions as the content writer leader, assigner and editor of larger investigative stories in the food area, working with stakeholders in Health/Food CFA and across all platforms for the organization to create high-impact stories. This editor also edits the work of other on-staff editors and writers. Ensures that high quality content is delivered in accordance with that strategy across all media formats and platforms.

Key Responsibilities:

● Under the direction of the Health/Food Content Team Leader, develops the content strategy for one or more significant investigative stories in the food realm every month

● Produces, manages and assigns work with staff editors, writers , market analysts, testers –and where appropriate staff in Engagement and Mobilization to ensure the delivery of content across platforms in accordance with strategy, on time, consumer focused, accurate and compelling

● Develops strong network of contributors to create work across the platforms for the organization as needed

● Serves as an on-staff expert and spokesperson in the food realm. Stays abreast of important developments in those and related categories and keeps the larger team informed

● Produces, schedules, allocates work, and edits content for two or more investigative stories ensuring accurate, quality on-time delivery across multiple media formats and platforms

● Interacts with manufacturers, governmental agencies, customers, etc. to represent test results or other work/initiatives within CR

● Coordinates the development of story components (surveys, questionnaires, test protocols, etc.) for investigative stories

● Actively participates as a senior member of a product testing and content team, conferring with other team members as necessary to ensure objectives for quality and timeliness are met

● Ensures staff is correctly interpreting data and generating accurate and timely content

● Edits and rewrites the work of subordinates as necessary

● Writes stories/blogs as needed to support other important topic areas that the Health and Food CFA has in scope

● Performs other tasks as required

Qualifications Include:

  • College graduate or equivalent background with 7-10+ years’ experience writing and editing the work of others and meeting rigid deadlines
  • Significant background in food science, and covering developments in food safety, labeling and nutrition for consumer-facing media outlets
  • Able to translate statistical and technical data into accurate, well-written, well-organized and compelling content in a range of media formats
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Well-developed judgment and a broad range of interests and knowledge
  • Excellence in product coverage, supported by such growth opportunities as ongoing education courses, membership in professional associations, and involvement in industry/professional conferences
  • Understanding of the unique content needs and conventions across all platforms including print, website, social media
  • Proficiency in word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software; knowledge of state-of-the-art page design software such as K4

  Success Criteria:

  • Promotes collaboration and inclusion, working across all disciplines and partnering with key stakeholders to break down silos
  • Inspires others to embrace and lead change by clearly communicating the desired future state and gaining commitment to change the vision.
  • Communicates clearly and confidently on a consistent basis
  • Commits to continuous learning and development
  • Actively seeks feedback
  • Assumes ownership and accountability

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