Coolest Journalist Training Ever

Working from home
Unpaid; small stipend possible to cover expenses
Aug 11, 2017
Internship Fall-Winter 2017
Entry Level
Metro Area
New York
Internship, Part Time

WhoWhatWhy, the up-and-coming, smart, aggressive, nonprofit, nonpartisan, "deep digging" news site, is looking for apprentices (high-level interns) who want to learn the ins and outs of top-flight journalism.

We’re something really different. We are a group of journalists who grew frustrated at the failings of our craft to address national and international problems at a deep enough level – and saw what was causing the problem. We observed how most journalism is either fundamentally motivated by profits, or driven by a clear ideological, partisan agenda. We wanted a space where people could do their best work, research with an open mind, and present their findings in an exciting way to a broad audience that hungers for the truth – with no other agenda. We also wanted to be able to tackle any subject or angle, without fear that we would be somehow marginalized for breaking from the pack. We decided to make it a non-profit, and to accept no advertising.

Because our budget is small, we run largely on volunteer help. We have built this with a host of talented people across the professions. We think of our work as no different from volunteering for an environmental or human rights cause – we believe getting to the bottom of things and sharing knowledge and wisdom is just as worthy. If you’d like to join our team, on a part-time, flexible basis, and can demonstrate good skills, good attitude and strong work habits, we are willing to train you, give you bylines and more. And when and if we’re able, we’ll make an effort to pay.

Location doesn't matter. You need to closely follow the news, be resourceful and self-motivated, and take the time to understand our particular approach to journalism. When you write us, please: 

1. Send a customized cover letter, making clear you understand what this opportunity entails, and what you would bring to it.

2. Give us a sense of how thoroughly you've studied our site and our work, and the degree to which our approaches dovetail.

3. Include your c.v.

In your cover letter, at the top, write "Mencken"


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