Writers and Videographers in Arts and Culture Reporting

New York City and Surrounding Areas
Freelance article contribution paid at current market rates
Aug 12, 2017
Metro Area
New York

Our media brand is growing by leaps and bounds. And we're looking for you to join us.

We are adding freelance writers to our roster of leading arts and culture reporters and reviewers. Writers need to demonstrate solid and contemporaneous (in-the-know and up-to-date) understanding of editorial topic. Writers also have to demonstrate an ability to speak intelligently in a digital age - clearly and succinctly, and with authority.

We provide access to events, to artists and to the drivers of NYC's most interesting and important arts and culture events.

Specifically, we are looking for writers who have a deep understanding of the following entertainment categories: theater, classical music, opera, art & museum, classical dance, contemporary dance, jazz, lifestyle, and pet.

Video journalists who fulfill the above requirements will also be considered.

Join our team. Please provide a short cover-letter/email directly addressing our above stated needs, a resume and writing samples.



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