Freelance writer/editor for email newsletters

virtual position
Competitive hourly rate
Oct 25, 2017
Metro Area
Freelance, Part Time

The Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University is looking to hire a project-based freelance writer and editor to manage the copywriting/editing process for a series of department email newsletters. This is a virtual position that can be located anywhere in the United States.

Responsibilities include:

  • Working with area chairs to create and/or edit content for biannual email newsletters for different subjects/departments 
  • Editing submitted content to reflect the Gabelli School’s voice and brand
  • Crafting headlines for individual content pieces
  • Reviewing photos and recommending replacements where needed
  • Refining layout as necessary within MailChimp—experience with MailChimp is not required, though experience with email marketing software in general is helpful


  • Strong writing and editing background
  • Impeccable proofreading skills
  • Ability to create and shape copy conforming to house style and brand
  • Flexible availability throughout the calendar year
    • Area chairs will work with you to determine deadlines, but you should have room in your schedule to devote approximately 3-4 hours to each project when it comes up
    • Workload is variable but is likely to include at least 2-3 newsletters per year

To apply, please submit your résumé and hourly rate, along with a two-part exercise we’d like you to complete below. 1.) Please review the two sample newsletter entries and create a copyedited version. 2.) Please create a newsletter entry from the details provided. 

You may include your written and edited content at the bottom of your cover letter or separately.

1.) Sample newsletter entries:

A humanistic perspective on management- debuting high on Amazon best seller list
Prof. Matthew Samson’s overview of Humanistic Management is published by Cambridge University Press. It will be available on September 14, and already hitting Number 1 bestseller lists Amazon. This is an excellent book which expounds on the basics for stakeholder responsibility: protection of dignity and contribution

Healing the Wounded with Management insights
Prof. Melissa Wainwright developed and delivered a 3-day workshop for Israeli wounded veterans called JUMPSTART.  Dror for the Wounded ( commissioned this workshop which consisted of motivational exercises, stimulations, and events aimed at helping them identify a targeted career path which capitalizes on their talents, skills and aspirations.

2.) Content for newsletter entry:

  • Prof. Julie Haberman was the instructor for the Ground Floor summer session.
  • Gave opp. to see startup steps
  • Students purchases Bare Conductive Kits with their own money
  • Need money for the investment, made promotional videos
  • Products: interactive map and directions, photo frames with audio featured, sound pad for dogs
  • All were built with electronic capabilities
  • Promoted to the students' chosen target market 
  • Teams worked hard together to develop their products.
  • platform fundraising for initial investment
  • campaigns had 15 to 150% ROI success rates
  • Students used engineering and marketing skills to create the products.

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