General Manager

60608, Chicago
Commensurate with qualifications
Dec 07, 2017
Metro Area
Full Time

Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV) seeks a full-time General Manager whose role ideally would encompass the collective attributes of managers’ manager, jack-of-all-trades, and MacGyver-like creative thought processes.  This position is a senior staff position which will report directly to the Executive Director and collaborate closely with the Associate Executive Director towards identifying issues, recommending solutions, strategizing, and fulfilling CAN TV’s short-term and long-term goals on both macro and micro levels.

Job duties and responsibilities will emphasize cohesive inter-departmental day-to-day operations; the development, implementation, coordination, tracking of progress, and completion of strategic intramural assignments and projects pre-approved by the Executive Director; and entail the collaborative monitoring and oversight of programming and technology activities for which each respective department manager retains primary responsibility.

CAN TV is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit established over three decades ago as the public’s space on cable television free of commercialism, content filters, and undue government censorship.  On our five local channels you can view and hear the diversity of people and ideas that reflect Chicago, including perspectives often excluded from mainstream media.  A city where residents can freely share their passions and talents with one another is a city that works better. For everyone. 

CAN TV operates from a modern multi-use media center located at 1309 S. Wood St. in the Illinois Medical District.

Broad Responsibilities Include:

  • Provide day-to-day direct oversight of department managers and coordination of department activities
  • Devise and recommend strategies to ensure innovative thinking by department managers
  • With departmental managers, co-develop and execute innovative programming opportunities aligned with CAN TV’s mission, to provide the organization with further development  and future growth
  • Perform related duties and projects as may be identified and assigned by the Executive Director

Desirable Qualifications:

  • Familiarity with—or demonstrable aptitude for rapidly learning—the functions and operations of various types of specialized technical equipment such as: main switcher (e.g. NewTek Tricaster); video switchers; audio mixers, bulkheads; telephone hybrid interfaces; mounted camera systems; overhead cameras; birds-eye cameras; character generation software; lighting control board; prompting software; wireless microphones; full-featured portable television production studio (aka, “studio-in-a-box”), platforms for automated/integrated playout of all channels (e.g. Skylark media platform); QC workstation; image processors; MATV system; remote location electronic news gathering and backhaul system (e.g., LiveU)
  • Bachelor’s degree  or higher in Media/TV/Film Production/Communications, or an equivalent
  • A minimum of eight years of progressively responsible supervisory experience
  • A minimum of five years media/communications/ IT experience
  • A minimum of five years non-profit management, operations, or human resources experience

Desirable Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes:

  • Substantial experience overseeing and developing management-level personnel
  • Personal maturity and strong interpersonal skills, combined with the ability to build and sustain synergistic relationships with department managers
  • Working knowledge of television studio production
  • Customer service acumen
  • Ability to perform multiple concurrent responsibilities seamlessly
  • Excellent time management practices
  • Effective written and verbal communications
  • Above-average computer literacy
  • Prudent and able to function collaboratively as well as independently
  • Clear understanding of the need for, and the role of public access television
  • Flexible and adaptive to changing priorities, yet end-result focused
  • Attentive to security of confidential and proprietary information