Tech writer

Brooklyn, New York
Competitive annual salary + bonus and 401k
Dec 18, 2017
Metro Area
New York
Full Time

You are a fan of technology, you embrace innovation, and you live happily into the future. You’re fascinated with AI, smart devices, and algorithms, and what they are capable of.

You would relish an active role in the ongoing evolution of tech. There’s just one tiny issue. You trade in WORDS….not code.

If you can write like an angel, we’ve got just the job for you. MarketSmiths is looking for a technology-focused marketing copywriter.

You’ll work on-site in a fast-growing, fast-paced boutique agency (10 on-site, 15 off-site) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our slogan is “copywriting for humans,” and yet 70% of our writing is about machines. Therefore, you’ll be one of our prized tech writers, with a panel of juicy projects and coveted work. On a given day, you might do any of the following:   

  • Interview a tech CEO for an article for Forbes or the NY Times--then develop it
  • Publish a blog post for one of the most admired tech companies in the world
  • Write a few pages of website copy for a promising new app
  • Chat with a client about how to reframe a white paper or ebook
  • Make complex revisions to a piece of writing
  • Contribute to in-house thought leadership, with your unique spin on industry trends
  • Collaborate with the team to brainstorm fun topic ideas, evaluate new recruits, etc.
  • Huddle with another writer on one of our ‘scaled’ (or team-staffed) projects
  • Support an agency partner with great work
  • Walk a designer through your vision of a piece you wrote
  • Teach the team about an aspect of writing that you excel at


  • Relevant experience. 2-5 years of business / tech journalism, commercial content writing, or copywriting--preferably B2B or complex B2C. You’ve generated website copy, email content, blog articles, and/or white papers / ebooks--and you can share a few samples with us.
    • Ad copywriters are welcome to apply: just keep in mind that we do long-form work 
  • Powerful writing chops. You own the fundamentals of strong writing, from strategic written structures to flawless grammar. You understand firsthand how powerful words can be--and you’ve seen your own impact people and alter actions.
  • Logic & Empathy. You have an impeccably logical mind. At the same time, you write with a heightened awareness of psyche, including emotions and the human spirit.  
  • Precision. You listen attentively, honor deadlines stringently, and note both the big picture (of the objective you’re trying to accomplish) as well as the smallest details.   
  • Excellence, with Efficiency. You have a drive for excellence, paired with a singular focus. These enable you to aim for the highest possible quality, while also getting your work done quickly and without overthinking.
  • Curiosity. You’re hungry to learn. You’ve got a healthy curiosity. You listen humbly to feedback, knowing it will help you to gain a new perspective, master the project at hand, and grow.

Bonus if you:

  • Have worked in corporate America
  • Can channel multiple written styles and voices
  • Can sift through infinite sources to find needle-in-a-haystack data, contacts, stories
  • Understand business fundamentals, including how companies grow
  • Understand the fundamentals of written storytelling
  • Proofread rapidly—and with eagle eyes
  • Read Wired, Popular Science, Fast Company, Forbes, Inc., and/or similar publications

If you have experience writing about talent acquisition / recruiting in technology, please mention that in your application.


We are a creative copywriting agency in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We’ve got a fun vibe--and we’re passionate about serving up engaging, contextual, actionable content and copy to the business world, instead of droning, corporatized, self-referential drivel. Most of our work takes significant brainpower. A small sampling of topics (tech and otherwise):

  • Lithium mining and what it means for electric cars and the planet
  • Stadium technology--and why it saves money to spend more for your sports team
  • The trajectory of the fed funds rate in 2018--and its impact on lending
  • Which comes first: your workforce platform or your HR analytics tool
  • The latest developments in bariatric care, senior care, pain management


To apply, email us and in your subject line, write "TC101 MB."

Please include a few writing samples that demonstrate your tech writing abilities. We would also like to see a cover letter that answers the below questions

  • What do you enjoy about writing? If you’re a professional writer, tell us why. If you’re not, tell us why writing is your next logical path?
  • What do you like to read? Tell us a few recent books you've read, and list any publications you habitually consult.
  • At 25, at 40, at 65: we are all learning something new (about how to live life better). What is the most important thing you've learned in the last decade?
  • Tell us about a recent time you used the written word to persuade someone of something. What happened? Be specific, please.

We look forward to receiving your samples, your resume, and your answers!

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