Vice President of Business Development

50 States of Blue
Working from Home
$100-120K, with 10% equity and possible commission
Dec 21, 2017
Metro Area
Full Time

We are 50 States of Blue, LLC. a progressive digital media startup focused on politics and culture. Our blueprint is to launch a Vox-like modern media company taking advantage of left-leaning energy and activism during the Trump era by launching digital brands where there is an opportunity (and also where we can make a difference).

Our first brand, 50 States of Blue, launched in December. It is a national hub for local news and progressive politics. Not only are we working to become one of the most credible and largest progressive political outlets on the national level, with local journalism struggling and much of the country not getting the liberal side of things we see huge opportunity there as well. What makes us different is that on our site we have a blog dedicated to each state, run by progressive insiders who actually live in those states. Being a 100% virtual company saves us from the bureaucracy, overhead and travel expenses currently crippling many local papers and TV stations. We're a mix of editorial and video, with an emerging social presence (215K Facebook followers already). This project is led by Editor-in-Chief Howard Megdal, who has written at Politico, NYT, etc. and Managing Editor Emily Crockett, who was previously at Vox.

Where 50 States of Blue is a new spin on the newsroom, our upcoming brand, name TBD (in a process to secure a domain/copyright), will focus entirely on opinion. A mix of humor, positivity and straight talk delivered by political outsiders -- talented newcomers and noteworthy influencers -- to create a conversation that will steer the #NeverTrump movement through a difficult era on into the future. Spinning viral news, crafting sticky listicles, creating a group of influential podcasts, developing a quick-hitting newsletter and producing rapid-fire videos. Quick, funny, simple for an age that is taking forever, depressing and complicated. This project will be led by our overall CEO Adam Best, who founded/ran FanSided for 10 years and has a noteworthy progressive influencer on Twitter, and Kim Iversen, nationally syndicated iHeartRadio host.

Our CEO took FanSided from a bootstrapped company to being acquired by Time Inc. (now with Meredith). FanSided now has a comScore of 16MM+ and 300+ fan-focused properties. He sees a bigger opportunity here. This job would essentially be running the day-to-day operations and assisting the CEO as he focuses on conceptualizing, building the team, expanding the brand (homegrown and acquisitions) and growing a large, engaged audience. Get in on the ground floor of a seed startup as a leader and equity holder who has a significant role in determining our path.

  • Participates in the preparation and presentation of a preliminary budget and adheres to the finalized budget through disciplined spending
  • Acts as primary fundraiser, staying in regular contact with current investors and landing a new set of investors
  • Owns upcoming Crowdfunding campaign
  • Researches and analyzes specific advertising, subscription and events opportunities pertinent to each market
  • Helps to identify potential partnerships and new initiatives, with assist from CEO
  • Identifies best sales structure to maximize potential revenue, including the cost of scale
  • Sets revenue goals and provides quarterly reports to CEO, Audience/revenue Firm and eventually an Operations Manager (once budget is available) you will supervise
  • Creates and maintains list of advertising, sponsorship and fundraising targets


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