Video Production Supervisor

New York City, New York (US)
Competitive salary + health, dental, PTO & an opportunity to impact corporations globally!
Dec 27, 2017
Metro Area
New York
Full Time

Video Production Supervisor

The NeuroLeadership Institute is a consultancy that is transforming leadership and organizations through applying neuroscience to how managers learn.  We are growing and have a plan to build a significant number of new products this year. As part of the R&D we are looking for someone innovative to be the production manager for our new product line videos.  

The Production Supervisor would be integral in translating cutting edge neuroscience findings into actionable behavior change for lay people within organizations. Our work centers around such ideas as mitigating bias, having better conversations, and greeting change with curiosity and a positive focus.

Are you passionate about making organizations more effective? Are you skilled in transforming concepts into design? Do you thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment?

If yes, please read on!

The Video Production Supervisor at NLI will create small video packages for our clients and manage an internal team of five plus an external pool of contractors.

In addition to the below tasks, the video production supervisor must be accessible via cell phone, return emails outside of traditional work hours, and be willing to roll up their sleeves and step into any other job needed during this process.

The role also includes:


  • Scope projects, allocate resources, budget creation and management
  • Partner with internal and client teams on look and feel of video projects
  • Partner with internal team to ensure complete architecture, scripting and concepting prior to film shoot
  • Contribute to scriptwriting and ensure final draft is approved by all internal and external stakeholders.
  • Coordinate script rehearsal with all booked experts and project team.
  • Follow up on tasks our clients have promised they will do for us (content, photos, statistics and other input) and encourage them to stay on schedule
  • Coordinate with experts required for filming
  • Interview, select, and negotiate rates with external crew
  • Source equipment with vendors and approve quotes within budget.
  • Scout, book and obtain all contracts and filming permits
  • Arrange transportation for all the equipment, crew and talent as well as making arrangements to coordinate with the client’s travel plans for the shoot


At the shoot, the video production manager is responsible for everything. S/he ensures that everyone has everything they need to do their job properly. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ensure that whatever is being shot is what the director and client expect to see
  • Sign off on framing and lighting before each take
  • Keep to schedule so the shoot comes in at or under budget
  • Ensure the crew is treated with respect and gets lunch or dinner breaks.

Post Production

  • Walk through motion graphic artists and animators for concept boards and guide them through the storyboarding process.
  • Source, hire and negotiate contracts and rates for all post production vendors (i.e. Editors, Animators, Color Correction Artist and Sound Designers)
  • Work closely with the Motion Graphic/Editor; may involve fleshing out the details from the interviews that occurred during the shoot
  • Give detailed and clear direction and feedback to animator, editors, and sound and color team.
  • Double-check every detail, every fact and spelling, every link and phone number in the video.
  • Track changes and other client requests; guide the client through the process of cutting a video down to its core message.
  • Deliver the video on time and within budget.
  • Oversee closing out of project including video file organization

Day to Day Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Create purchase order numbers for external vendors to submit their invoices bi-monthly
  • Track open projects and ensure appropriate resource allocation
  • Support other NLI teams with their video requests
  • Oversee organization and maintenance of internal server and Google drive folders
  • Manage the team and day to day activities


  • Basic knowledge of Adobe Premiere and the Creative Cloud suite
  • Knowledge of Final Draft
  • Proficient with Google drive and Microsoft Suite


PS- To make sure we hire the people best suited to our culture, we’ve designed intensive, task-based selection process so be prepared to work hard to earn this opportunity.

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