Narrative Strategist - Director level communications, change, culture

Get Storied
San Francisco, California
Salary + benefits
Mar 14, 2018
Metro Area
San Francisco
Full Time

About Get Storied

Get Storied is a strategic communications firm. We work with innovation, design, and product teams that need a narrative to influence change. 

We are increasingly focused on brands who contribute to the commons – the defining platforms, systems, and structures that increasingly shape the future. We teach a new storytelling framework designed to make big ideas more relatable and resonant, while reducing resistance. Our clients range from Facebook and Google to venture-backed startups, innovation labs, design studios, CX practice groups and global change-makers.Join Get Storied and help craft some of the most important stories of our time. 

Your Role

As a Narrative Strategist, you will meaningfully contribute to our client advisory and consulting practice. You are passionate about complex world-changing ideas and helping to frame big visions in support of business execution. You will bring a unique set of talents as an experienced journalist/writer, with editorial excellence and operational discipline. You will manage client deliverables and engagement arcs, with a fine tuned approach to crafting world-class strategic narratives. The ideal candidate is a natural storyteller with a journalistic, publishing, and/or corporate communications background. You embrace the digital age, are fascinated with the tech sector, and are comfortable and productive in a virtual office environment. Despite the big challenges of our times, you maintain a faith in the future. You will be mentored by our CEO and founder, and become deeply immersed in his breakthrough pioneering approach. You are looking to build a career with Get Storied and willing to demonstrate your skills and contributions. You will begin with a respectable start-up salary, with high potential for growth in responsibilities and compensation.

What you’ll do everyday:

  • Develop strategic messaging for world-class clients and their high-stakes initiatives 
  • Manage, write, edit, and produce client deliverables – slides, articles, white papers 
  • Drive client editorial process — outlining, storyboarding, review/revision cycles 
  • Participate in client video sessions and synthesize output summaries 
  • Support client services with proactive communications, expectation management, etc 
  • Identify opportunities for internal process improvement — and implement them 
  • Work alongside VP of Client Services to manage advisory engagements – end to end 
  • Shadow CEO and founder, and absorb everything he knows re: Narrative Strategy 

Capabilities – The experience and skills you’ll need:

  • Natural-born storyteller with demonstrated ability to express, create and “ship” ideas 
  • Journalism training with 3-5 years experience in newsroom or publishing 
  • Fast-twitch muscles for writing, editing, interviewing, synthesizing in expedient manner 
  • Experience managing client relations with diplomacy, empathy, and professionalism 
  • Ability to process complex stacks of information without getting lost down a rabbit hole 
  • Talent for zooming in/micro-stories: crafting emotionally-rich and detailed vignettes 
  • Refined skills for interviewing, active listening, and a peer consultative approach 
  • Deep comfort with online productivity and project management tools (no luddites) 
  • Ability to suspend judgement and agendas, and serve from a place of equanimity 
  • Maturity — you must have an active contemplative practice 

Other Key Attributes

  • Passionate about disruptive technology and humanizing its potential in people’s lives 
  • Obsessed with the craft of storytelling – all the ways to frame, shape, present a story 
  • Inherent optimist, with faith in the future despite the immense challenges of our time 
  • Mission-driven with a desire to do meaningful work that makes a real difference 
  • Discerning and thoughtful about the wise use and potential impact of narratives 
  • Experience in industries such as publishing, creative agencies, professional services 
  • Experience in leadership development, organizational change, and transformation 
  • A student of timeless truths, ethical inquiry, and the existential issues of the future 
  • Insatiable curiosity, humility, and commitment to your continued growth 
  • Strong preference for candidates based in SF Bay Area or the U.S. west coast. If not, at a minimum you must be available most days M-F till 3pm PT. 

This is a full-time position, with rapid onboarding and immediate impact opportunities. You will work in a virtual office environment, with occasional travel ~ 5-15 days/year.