Sr. Editor for, a Progressive Politics and Pop Culture Digital Media Seed-Stage Startup

The Left
We are a 100% remote at the moment which allows us to stay lean, pass along savings, grow fast.
$60K plus at least 5% equity
Apr 09, 2018
Help shape our voice while getting an equity share
Metro Area
Full Time

Join The Left founders Adam Best, former FanSided CEO/Founder and liberal activist, and Kim Iversen, nationally syndicated iHeart Radio host, in building the editorial arm of an exciting new progressive political media company from the ground up as part of our creative brain trust. 

We are big fans of all the political newsrooms out there -- journalism is needed more now than ever -- but something is missing on the left here in America. A media company that covers politics and pop culture from an unabashedly liberal voice. One that delivers a fusion of straight talk, humor and positivity. One that adequately represents the entire Obama coalition, featuring a variety of views, instead of just a faction or fraction of the left.  The left is absolutely getting owned by the right when it comes to covering our culture in an authentic, straightforward, unapologetic, all-encompassing voice. We have to turn the tide to correctly frame where we are and where we need to go in our society. Help us not only follow trends but decide what trends as we shape the progressive conversation in America.

This position will be a fast-paced job with long hours. We're looking for someone with a high motor and an owner's mentality, as you will have the opportunity to earn a substantial chunk of equity and be a significant stakeholder in our future. Seeking a writer who excels at the creative aspects of the job and has a clear, engaging, unique personality. One that leaps off the page and helps define our identity. Diversity, from who you are, to what your ideology is, is something that is important to us. We want to rep ALL of the left and be a uniting force. Must understand not only politics but also have a strong command of pop culture topics. Social media talent and at least some solid traction, especially on Twitter, is preferred. Helping lead our Twitter strategy will be a vital component of the job. Must be metric-focused and able to produce/support others produce not just quality but quantity, as the new news cycle never sleeps and liberals currently cannot get enough content. Podcast and video ability is a big bonus, but not a requirement at all. 

We are looking for someone up-and-coming, a future star, who puts a premium on working for a startup, having equity, and getting to build their dream job/department/company. For the right person, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. We expect the company to grow fast and the position would grow along with it. The current plan is to groom this person to be Editor-in-Chief of our big, thriving edit team eventually.

Thank you for applying! Please take the time to let us know why you are right for this job and why you think this company, in particular, is so appealing. Applications that are personalized with this information will be prioritized in our interview process. 

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