Copywriter (English language)

Working Remotely
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Apr 16, 2018
Metro Area

Hi, I’m a Copywriter @Tribe47.

I use my copywriting skills to work on all types of projects — from business education to cybersecurity, to name but a few. I have more than 2 years of experience in copywriting — and I keep evolving.

I combine my copywriting craft and creative drive with the understanding of the market and social media platforms to solve marketing problems for a variety of brands. Typically I work with a content team and a project manager(aka a Full Brain Marketer) as a partner — but I don’t require babysitting.

I manage my time effectively so as to meet the demands of multiple projects. I understand the difference between a creative idea and a tactical execution, and (based on the nature of the project) am proficient at generating both.

I am capable of and responsible for writing in all mediums, everything from social media posts to video scripts, to sales and landing pages, to sales emails, to name but a few. I don’t confuse funnel with fennel. I do my best to stay on top of marketing and technology trends as well as seek opportunities to constantly improve my copywriting skills.

I know how to handle, implement (and give) constructive feedback in a timely manner and without drama. I am a strong collaborator and know how to make the job of my teammates easier. Last, not least: kindness. I choose to be that person everyone always wants in the room.

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