On-Air Talent

Meal Mentor
Working from home
Approximately $400-500 a week
Jul 09, 2018
Metro Area

Our complete focus is helping our members eat healthier. We do this in two ways: we help them learn how to maintain a healthy diet through education, and by providing shopping lists, recipes, and meal plans. We’ve recently launched a weekly customer interview series to highlight stories from our customers and expand our audience online. 

That’s where you come in...

We’re looking for an energetic and engaging on-air talent to produce our weekly live video series. The video series will be split into two parts 1) a weekly interview series highlighting one of our amazing customers. This is a time for our customers to share their success stories and advice with others.  2) A health show, that includes interviewing leaders in the vegan and vegetarian communities, current events, and other health-related topics. There might also be interviews with our team to promote new products or information.


  • Experience conducting live interviews and producing videos (at least 1 year of experience)
  • Fluent in English, a competent communicator 
  • Public speaking skills and comfortable speaking in front of live viewers online
  • Ability to get interviewees to open up and share (a natural people person)
  • Skilled at guiding interviewee with relevant questions and keeping the pace of conversation
  • Professional appearance (most live shows will be in a casual environment, but still require a well-keep appearance)
  • A quiet space for recording including proper lighting and sound quality 
  • Access to Skype (other related software)
  • Flexibility with schedule for live shows 
  • Familiarity with producing Facebook Live, Youtube Live, or other streaming

Desired Skills & Experience: 

  • Knowledgeable regarding topics of health and wellness
  • Working with a Marketing Manager to promote live events and recordings. Identifying short video clips to promote on social media and writing descriptions of content. Paid promotion.
  • Finding people and brands to produce and create engaging original videos.

Please submit a video of yourself explaining why you’re the on-air talent we’re looking for, and any video interviews you’ve done. We’d also love to see any other available demo reels or videos you can provide showing your experience interviewing people.