Account Managing Editor - at least 3 years of online publication editing experience required

Working from home
Competitive annual salary + bonus, health, dental and unlimited PTO
Jul 31, 2018
Metro Area
Full Time

Looking for a remote, full-time Account Managing Editor with experience writing/editing business and tech topics. Online publication editing experience is required (Forbes, Fortune, Inc, etc.).

The Account Managing Editor (AME) is a crucial, client-facing role at Digital Press. Think of the AME as an internal journalist responsible for regularly interviewing clients, all of whom have built successful companies and have years (even decades) of experience, with plenty of industry insight to share.

As an AME, you will develop interesting article ideas based on interviews with clients, then assign them to writers under your management. After editing and polishing the pieces, you will post them to the client’s ​LinkedIn​, ​Medium​, and ​Quora​ accounts.



●  Schedule and hold weekly phone calls with clients to conduct interviews and extract their best personal stories and insights

●  From phone calls, develop interesting first-person article concepts

●  Monitor current events in relevant industries

●  Conduct and summarize any necessary research, then assign prompts to writers

●  Manage writer deadlines

●  Edit pieces to ensure the Digital Press Style Guide is upheld (each piece of content must

reflect our unique approach to first-person writing)

●  Keep an organized content calendar and post client pieces to their social accounts each




●  Experience interviewing and developing interesting article assignments

●  Basic knowledge of ​LinkedIn​, ​Quora​, and ​Medium​, and best practices for online writing

●  Extremely organized

●  Strong writer and editor

●  Personable and professional with clients

●  Highly motivated and eager to grow within the company and take on a leadership role



●  Health insurance

●  Opportunity to be part of a high-growth startup

●  Learn directly from successful thought leaders (clients) in various industries

●  Competitive pay

●  Ability to work with a fun and dynamic team, from anywhere with an Internet


●  Unlimited PTO (translation: as long as you perform great work, enjoy yourself)


About Digital Press

We believe the most successful (and interesting) entrepreneurs and CEOs, those with the most to share with the business community, don’t have the time or writing expertise to effectively or efficiently share their stories and insights with the world.

We also believe that a company’s message shouldn’t only come from the company—it should come from the founder, the CEO, the entrepreneur. People trust people.

Our goal is to become knowledgeable in our clients’ industries, ask great questions on their weekly phone interviews, draw out their best stories and insights, and craft high-quality, first-person articles that entertain and inform to build trust and establish credibility.

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