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Interviewers make $10 per story that we use in the book and get credit in book if 3 or more used
Aug 10, 2018
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We're looking for experienced interviewers to interview college students across the US for the 6th edition of our best-selling guide, How to Survive Your Freshman Year.  

Check out the 5th edition at The Table of Contents and some sample stories will give you a sense of the type of stories (and format) we’re looking for.

We prefer face-to-face or phone interviewing – but occasionally online interviews can yield good material as well.

We pay our interviewers $10 per story that we use in the book.  Note that a single interview with a good interviewee can yield up to 3-4 stories (for different chapters in the book).  Each "story" is 1-3 paragraphs, and contains some advice for an incoming freshman (based on the interviewee’s experience in college), in the interviewee’s own words.  

If we use 3 (or more) of your stories, we’ll give you a mention in the book.

Stories are submitted to us online or via email, and each person you interview must fill out an (online) waiver form so that the material can be used in the book.

If you're interested, please send your CV, a cover note describing any interviewing experience you've had - and thoughts about how you would go about interviewing college students, to, and we'll be in touch. Hope to hear from you!

Alison Cowan, project editor

Yadin Kaufmann, co-Publisher

Hundreds of Heads® Books, LLC

Hundreds of Heads - The Wisdom of the Masses!  

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